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Amendment to the Medical Fund Law

Amendment to the Medical Fund Law

The Health Committee made legislative and editorial amendments to the draft presidential amendment and voted on the entire draft.

The Committee did not approve the amendment relating, inter alia, to increasing the expenditure limit on pharmaceutical technologies as part of the emergency access to pharmaceutical technologies to 5%.

Read more at The President proposes changes to the Medical Fund Act

Increased borders, increased rescue resources, and access to technology

Project Propose Increasing the expenditure limit from the medical fund for two types of pharmaceutical technologiesintroduced into the Reimbursement Act under the Medical Trust Act – High Clinical Value Drug Technologies (TLWWK) and High Level Innovation Drug Technologies (TLWPI).

The project also provides for Increase funds for emergency access to pharmaceutical technologies (RDTL). Currently, from the RDTL Medical Fund annually It is not permissible to allocate more than 3 percent. Funds earmarked for reimbursement of drug costs under drug and chemotherapy programmes. this limit By one percentage point – up to 4 percent.

Subsequent changes relate to the addition of new categories of benefits funded from the medical fund, and more precisely from the curative and innovative sub-fund. Goes, among other things o Guaranteed benefits for persons under 18 years of age under AOS or hospital treatment related to genetic diagnosis (Especially large-scale genomic studies and other genetic studies in children and adolescents, which are performed in particular in connection with the treatment of oncological and rare diseases). As we read in the project justification, this solution is to be a special opportunity for young patients with rare diseases and tumors.

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Infectious Disease Prevention Fund

The project envisages allocating funds from the Medical Fund also for activities related to the prevention of infectious diseases – In particular, it relates to the financing of vaccines for the implementation of preventive vaccinations recommended under the preventive vaccination programme Supporting preventive activities and accompanying educational and promotional activities. As we read in the justification of the draft, the proposed solution is to allow the Minister of Health to “target targeted activities in the field of co-financing of prevention in the area not covered by vaccination, depending on the needs and the epidemiological situation”, taking into account the age group and the target group in which individual protection affects the public health of the state .” (door/be)

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