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America. A gruesome discovery on the beach. Shark carcass wearing sunglasses

Painted shark remains found with sunglasses on beach in Florida It is not known whether the fish were found dead or dead on the beach. This is not the first time a shark carcass has been treated this way.

Mutilated shark carcass found on a beach Fort Myers, Florida. Local fishermen say whoever is responsible for killing the fish and treating its body like that should go to jail, reported.

A beachgoer found a dead shark under the Big Carlos Pass drawbridge near Fort Myers. It was A two meter long bull shark. Fish wore sunglasses and was covered in graffiti.

Investigation Lee County Sheriff’s Offices and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission To determine if the shark’s body had been dressed up by venders or killed intentionally after the shark washed ashore already dead.

This is not the first time a shark carcass has been desecrated by humans

Bull sharks love to swim In shallow coastal waters Hence there are many attacks by these animals on humans. Many experts consider these fish to be the most dangerous of all shark species.

But bull sharks are also threatened by humans. These animals are usually caught for their hides, meat and oil. These shark species are listed in the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s “Red List” as “vulnerable”.

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This is not the first time a shark carcass has been mistreated in Florida. In May last year, employees Ponte Vedra High School in St. County. John’s They saw a dead shark hanging in the school yard.

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At the end of the term the shark was destroyed and placed there by five students who humorously created an “art installation”.

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