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America, Abortion. The Church calls on Biden to truly care for human life

Prezydent USA Joe Biden (fot. Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

US President Joe Biden has said codifying abortion legalization into federal law will be his top legislative priority midway through his term. Responding to the statement, Baltimore Archbishop William E. Lowry, chairman of the U.S. Synod for the Protection of Life, recalled the Catholic Church’s teaching on the dignity of human life.

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“The president is seriously mistaken because he continues to look for every possible way to make abortion easier. Instead of using their power to increase support and care for mothers in difficult situations“- emphasized the priest.

As she added, “This stubborn extremism must end, and we call on President Biden to see the humanity in the unborn and the truly life-giving care that women in this country need.”

“As pastors who deal with the tragic consequences of abortion every day, we know that. Abortion is a violent act that ends the lives of unborn children and injures countless women. The Catholic Church wants to continue to work with our government and leaders to protect the right to life of every human being and to provide full support to expectant and birthing mothers in caring for their children before and after birth,” the statement said.

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