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America. Former US military commander in Europe General Ben Hodges: Ukraine may reclaim Crimea in 2023

America.  Former US military commander in Europe General Ben Hodges: Ukraine may reclaim Crimea in 2023

American “Newsweek” on Friday published an interview with the former commander of the US military in Europe. Gen. Ben Hodges said he was confident Ukraine would be able to recapture all Russian-occupied territories, including Crimea. According to him, this could happen as early as 2023, he added.

“The Ukrainians have saved their country. They have set the conditions for the restoration of full sovereignty, and I believe that Crimea can be restored by next year,” former US military commander in Europe General Ben Hodges told the US version. Newsweek.

Russia has exhausted its offensive capabilities

Six months after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, the general noted that “the second best army in the world is now the second largest. Ukraine“. – After this time Russia It still controls less than 20 percent of Ukraine’s territory, and its ability to continue offensive operations is practically exhausted, he added.

Smoke billows after an attack on a Russian military base in Crimea [9.08.2022]UGC via AP/EastNews

He stressed that the time has come for Ukraine’s Western partners to provide the Kiev authorities with the material and moral support necessary for a full military victory.

“We need a declaration that Ukraine will win and regain all of its territory, that it will be able to defend itself in the future, and that we will do everything necessary to help them” – General Hodges said in an interview with “Newsweek”.

General Ben HodgesTVN24

“The enemy does not want to know what your likes and dislikes are.”

Asked what Ukraine needs to achieve these goals, he replied that the question remains unanswered, but he expressed confidence that relevant factors in Washington were informed about Ukrainian needs.

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“You shouldn’t make public what those needs are, because you never want the enemy to know what your likes and dislikes are,” he explained. “But I am 100 per cent sure that the defense sector America “The National Security Council knows what Ukraine needs, and the Ukrainians told them,” General Hodges said.

Main photo source: UGC via AP/EastNews

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