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America. Her husband tied her up and buried her alive. She saves herself with a watch

He beat his wife, tied her up, took her to the forest and buried her alive. A woman from Washington state (USA) saved herself with a smartwatch. Through the device, he called the police, who located the victim.

Dramatic events took place last week. A dispute arose between the estranged couple Divorce case. The woman testified that at one point her husband assaulted her, tied her hands and feet, and covered her eyes and mouth with duct tape.

She called the services through a smartwatch

The victim was still able to communicate Emergency no Thanks to the smart watch she was wearing. When her husband realized what was happening, he took the gadget from her and smashed it with a hammer.

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However, services were able to get information about disturbing events at the caller’s home and trace her whereabouts.

Buried alive

The assailant took his wife to the forest He buried her alive. Earlier, he injured her with a knife.

Arriving services were able to locate the woman. She was bruised and bound and covered with dirt. She testified that she managed to get out of the shallow grave where her husband had buried her.

The man was arrested on charges Attacks, abductions and attempted murders. The 53-year-old is being held without bail.

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