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America. Joe Biden signs the joining of Sweden and Finland in NATO

America.  Joe Biden signs the joining of Sweden and Finland in NATO

This is a turning point in the alliance’s history, US President Joe Biden said at the signing ceremony of Sweden and Finland’s NATO Accession Protocol. He also said that both countries have made a “sacred pledge that an attack against one is an attack against all”.

This is a turning point in the history of the alliance, the US President said Joe Biden Tuesday at the signing ceremony.

Sweden And Finland has strong democratic institutions, strong militaries and strong and transparent economies. They meet all requirements For this. We believe this deeply. This will strengthen our alliance. America and Americans will be safer this way. That is why our Senate overwhelmingly supported Sweden’s membership Finland On NATO, Joe Biden said, noting the near-unanimous vote in Congress to approve the accession protocol.

US President Joe Biden signs legislation to join Sweden and Finland in NATOWhite House

– We show it to the world America They can do great things. A near-unanimous decision across party lines. This is an important message for America’s commitment to the transatlantic alliance. Together with our allies and partners, we will write the future we want to see, he said.

Putin wants “Finlandization of NATO and gets ‘NATOization’ of Finland and Sweden”

The US president also mentioned Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. “At a time when Putin’s Russia is undermining Europe’s peace and security, and when autocrats are challenging the foundations of the rules-based international order, America’s alliance strength and commitment to NATO are more important than ever,” he added.

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– Putin is trying to divide us, we show our determination. He got what he didn’t want. He wanted NATO to be Finlandized, and he was getting the “NATOization” of Finland and Sweden – he insisted.

As Biden put it, “Our alliance is stronger than ever.” – Commitment to our allies is stronger than ever. This article is only once in history [artykuł 5. Traktatu Waszyngtońskiego – red.] Used – September 11, when America was attacked. All our allies sided with us. “We will never forget our pledge to defend every inch of NATO,” the US president said.

BIDEN: Finland and Sweden meet all NATO requirements

BIDEN: Finland and Sweden meet all NATO requirementsWhite House

Finland and Sweden have made a “sacred commitment”.

Before signing the document, Biden revealed that he spoke with Finnish President Saulim Niinisto and Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson. He said both countries had made a “sacred pledge that an attack against one is an attack against all”.

Biden affixed his signature after the Senate approved it by a vote of 95-1. The United States thus became the 23rd country to formally agree to join the two Nordic countries in the alliance. Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece and Turkey have yet to do so.

Main photo source: Jim Lo Scalzo / EPA / PAP

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