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America. Neighbors can affect residents’ fertility. Scientists say

Scientists from American universities have studied how neighborhoods affect the chances of getting pregnant. In poorer districts the probability is approximately 20% lower. But there are many more surprising results.

American researchers with Oregon State University She decided to check how neighborhood affects the chances of getting pregnant. The author of the analysis, Mary Willis, points out that the influence of the area you live in has been studied repeatedly, but the preconception period has not been adequately investigated.

In his study, he presents Boston University data from a survey 6356 people In the US, older 21 to 45 yearsTrying to get pregnant without fertility treatment.

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First the questions were asked to the women Menstrual cycle and pregnancy. They responded every eight weeks. It was documented from a collection of subjects 3,725 pregnancies. The next point is to make comparisons without regard to specific participants The neighborhood, the neighborhoods they live in and the socio-economic conditions. Related indicators Levels of education, employment and poverty.

Environment is important

Nationally, the study showed that women from poorer neighborhoods had 19-21 percent less chance of getting pregnant. Chances at the state level were slim 23-25 ​​percent.

“Seeing similar results at the national and state level shows that the affluence of your neighborhood can affect reproductive health, including fertility,” Willis said. However, he noted that the results of the study cannot be taken for granted Cause and effect relationshipBut there is a relationship between where you live and your fertility.

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