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America. Swimmer plea to President Biden: There are two genders

America.  Swimmer plea to President Biden: There are two genders

“I am an NCAA champion in swimming, and I believe that Biden should protect women and girls from being destroyed by Title IX (the US Civil Rights Act, enacted in 1972 as part of the Education Amendments – Edition) “- Riley Gaines began his appeal on Fox News.

In his appeal, the athlete referred to the original idea of ​​US President Joe Biden, who in his opinion – wants illegal changes to the Title IX law.

They include, among other things, replacing the word “gender” with “gender identity,” which would allow men who identify as women to compete in women’s sports. According to Keynes, such a situation would destroy the integrity of women’s sport.

Men in the women’s locker room

The swimmer cited an example from his own life. Keynes writes about a transgender woman who identifies as Leah Thomas. At an academic sporting event, Keynes met him in the changing room.

“In the women’s locker room I saw a biological man (…) displaying male body parts,” she wrote, noting that from a biological and anatomical point of view, this man was one hundred percent male.

The woman asserted that on average a man is 10 percent. Stronger than a woman. In a swimming event (200m freestyle) that Gaines competes on a daily basis, this means a 10-second difference, Prevents a woman from defeating a biological man. As emphasized by the athlete, he was able to get close to the trans swimmer’s score by one-hundredth of a second, which is a great achievement. However, the tournament organizers decided that Thomas deserved a medal. Soon after, University of Pennsylvania and NCAA officials nominated Transgender for the Woman of the Year award.

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As Keynes continued, she is not looking for sympathy, but for action. According to her, the so-called Title IX act, several years ago, was meant, among other things, to prevent gender discrimination and harassment at American universities, and it now realistically threatens “young women” with dreams like hers.

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