May 12, 2021

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American breaks up with fianc, has son with 36-year-old elderly mother-in-law

The 25-year-old ended the engagement after revealing he had a relationship with his fiance, with whom he now has a five-month-old son. The case took place in 2018 in Illinois, USA. Information from the Daily Mail.

In an interview with a British tabloid, McKenzie Yoga said he decided to confess to his father, Jeff Showl, 61, the boy who cheated on him. After a crisis in the relationship that began in his teens, he approached his ex-mother-in-law, who offered him a friendly shoulder, and the two ended up being lovers.

At the time, Jeff was married to the boy’s mother. When the mother and son discovered their love affair, they decided to sever their relationship.

“I’m sorry to be honest and start a relationship with Jeff before our previous relationship ended,” McKenzie said.

“We should have been honest about our feelings, we said we were not happy. There is emotional betrayal and there is physical betrayal. The emotional one lasted a year and the body was one, six months. I have been with his son for more than six years, but Jeff is always very welcome. I was very happy with my relationship with his son while he was on the edge, ”he said.

Jeff regrets losing contact with his son and his ex-wife. “It is very painful not to have a relationship with my son anymore. I hope one day this can be fixed, ”he says.

He comments on the 36-year age difference between McKenzie and Jeff:

“We have a normal relationship, the age difference doesn’t bother us. It’s funny because a lot of people look at us and think our age gap is too big, but what we saw in each other is not in our previous relationships. Despite the age difference, we are more compatible than we were before. We are ”.

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