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American tourist behavior. Comic photo from airport hit – o2

American tourist behavior.  Comic photo from airport hit - o2

Some Americans expect the entire world to be like their country. They assume that everywhere there will be an option to pay in dollars and English should be the standard everywhere in the world.

It started with that tweet

Ginny Hogan’s tweet caused a stir on social media. As she says, people like to make fun of Americans, though she can’t say what they don’t like.

In the photo he added to the post, you can see a sign at the airport that is described as “Foreign Passports”. She was amused by the world map and the American flag next to it.

“I find it funny that they decided that the only people who don’t realize they’re foreigners are Americans,” the author wrote next to the photo included in the post.

Internet users caught on to the topic

Comedian and author Ginny Hogan’s thread has over 320,000 likes. Likes on Twitter and has become very popular among users of the portal. Each began sharing their memorable, sometimes funny or annoying interactions with American tourists. Many times commentators mocked shocked American travelers that they don’t celebrate holidays like other countries do, and that you can’t pay with dollars everywhere.

I used to work in a cafe in a tourist town in Spain and had arguments like this almost every day. An American said that we must learn that “the world is not Europe,” and we must adapt to the “currency of the world,” and then he threw a dollar on the counter and stormed off, as we read in the commentary.

It is worth noting that residents of any country can exhibit similar behavior. As Professor Christine Vogt from Arizona State University emphasizes – getting to know the customs and culture before a trip can make it more enjoyable. The more local knowledge a traveler has, he says, the more he can adapt to the community.

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