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Amy 2022: Ben Stiller came with his 20-year-old daughter. Similar to a famous father? (photo)

Amy 2022: Ben Stiller came with his 20-year-old daughter.  Similar to a famous father?  (photo)

Share STELLER In helping and supporting the Ukrainians, Ben was honored to be included in the list of 25 high-ranking officials, experts and businessmen banned from entering Russia for life. This time, the 56-year-old actor appeared at the Emmy in exceptional company.

The actor as a friend took with him his daughter Ella, who is the fruit of his marriage with him Kristen Taylor. The couple married in 2000 and have two children together. In 2002, Ella Olivia was born, and three years later, Quinlin Dempsey was born. In 2017, the media heard the news of the decision of Ben Stiller and his wife to separate.

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Despite the split, the pair are still seen together at industry events, and in 2019 they performed together at the Primetime Emmy Awards. a few months ago, Stiller confirmed in an interview with “Esquire” magazine that they are living together again. At first, this decision was dictated by the fact of the pandemic that Ben, in this difficult and restrictive time, was able to see the children. However, the actor admitted that the feeling for his wife revived.

Similar to a famous father?

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He looks very serious, not at twenty but at forty

I love him, he’s a great director

If she had black hair, she could star in a movie based on a fairy tale Hotel Transylvania 😀

I always laughed a lot in his movies

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It is strange to expose your chest in front of your father…

I don’t like keeping feces in the profession for my kids… Schools, acting, busy jobs… How many great actors and actresses have gone through hard times, because some famous mom or dad is going to have their child, for example, a role in a movie where he plays in the middle. Or even those seriously talented people from film schools don’t get roles at all, because nepotism is on the rise and hand is hand washing. Plus, this Ben Stiller didn’t see anything wrong with that, he might argue it was just fine. Just for whom? For him, sure… cool, he could be a good director and actor, but it’s been known that by portraying his family that way, he didn’t kill someone better, he didn’t stand out because his parents weren’t. actors?

It is really sad to read that she is fat. I have this design too, after all, she’s very narrow at the waist, and she doesn’t have a big butt. My waist is 60 cm, my hips are 88 cm, my biceps are exactly the same, it is impossible to lighten my hands, no matter how hard I work. I only did it once when I had anorexia, because after that my weight was 39kg, even at 50kg, and I still had face and bicep fat and what am I supposed to do with it? Suck fat? I don’t want to be a fat man, I hide my hand.

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She looks very strong with him, probably weighing no more than 65 kg. He’s very thin here, he’s never been this thin before.

You can have a good laugh with the comments. The girl is very beautiful, but at first glance you can see that she is overweight. And here all the women are crying apparently looking pretty XD Someone told him the fact that she was big, then someone immediately slammed him because she probably likes ‘anorexia’. I understand that many people want self-esteem and force others to believe that such a weight is normal, but no, it is not. Especially at the age of 20.

I love him as an actor. And the girl is a little fat 😉

Well, not a pretty girl

Cute, but seriously overweight!

About the age of the daughter of Leo: D

A nice natural girl, like hell not like her father but her mother as much as possible.

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