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“An award faster in Poland than in the US? This is crazy!”

"An award faster in Poland than in the US? This is crazy!"

In Warsaw on Sunday, NLE Soppa hosted his first Polish concert – at the end of the show, the rapper personally received the Pop Killer Statue for Discovery 2020, which he won in 2021. An emotional record of this success appeared on his profile.

NLE Soppa responded very enthusiastically to last year’s award – he produced a special video for the Popkillers gala in which he thanked fans for his vote, regretted not being able to collect the award in person and promised to have fun together on the European tour. And in the latest announcements of the performance, he asked everyone who voted for him to appear in front of the stage in Warsaw. At the end of the show, DJ Booker, playing with the soap, invited Mathews Natalie from the pop killer to the stage, he handed the statue to the rapper, who again thanked the Polish fans for their support.

NLE SOPPA: “That’s My Grammy!”

Last night, on NLE Choppy’s Instagram profile, 5 million people followed, and there was an entry showing how important this award is to the rapper:

– I won the Discovery Award of the Year in Poland and picked it up at the concert yesterday. Winning the Ocean Prize earlier than the United States is a crazy option. This is probably God’s way of giving me my Grammy preface. thank you very much.

In Choppy Instastory, we also see the report on the awarding of the statue, which he eventually told his team members was “That’s My Grammy!” You may hear that said.

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Popkiller: “NLE Sophie’s reaction shows it’s worth it”

The whole situation was commented on by the Popkiller website: – From the beginning, we read in the case of popkillers that foreign genres have no meaning – because they do not find out about it, and they are concerned about how they will find out that someone in Poland will give them an award. NLE Choppy’s reaction clearly shows that it’s worth it. We never expected such a reception, and this post came as a big shock to us, as was the previous idea of ​​the Sophie team to give him a statue on stage during the show.

NLE SOPPA – The new wave of street rap

The 19-year-old rapper from NLE Soppa Memphis and one of the most popular characters in the new wave of street rap. Despite his young age, he has already achieved a lot – at the age of 16 he received the first platinum for the single “Shota Flow”, covered his first album “Top Shota” with gold, and with the support of Warner Music he already established his own label, No Love Entertainment. In Warsaw he performed as part of an open air show hosted by Winery Bookings over the summer, before which Smokeburb performed his concert and was supported by Wima and Mates Fresh.

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