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An exciting victory for Polish handball players in the European Championship. They will fight for promotion

An exciting victory for Polish handball players in the European Championship.  They will fight for promotion

At first match The Polish women surrendered to the Germans 23:25, and on Monday the Spanish women were the favourite. Arne Senstad’s side set tough conditions from the start and did well in defense, ultimately leading to a thrilling victory. A win gives the white and red teams a chance to leave the group and play in the later stage of the tournament. In addition, this is the first win for Polish women in the European Championship since 2014, when they defeated Russia 29:26 in the group stage.

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The Polish women started meeting well and were leading 3:1. However, after a bad start, the Spanish women woke up, not only equalizing, but even leading 7:4. Our competitors managed to maintain a two or three point advantage almost until the end of the first part, But the Polish women managed to get back into the game and even before the break they tied the match at 12:12. A key role was played by Polish goalkeeper Adriana Paszek, saving in the first 30 minutes up to 40 percent of the balls and mistakes of the Spanish players, which were not scored from penalty shootouts and in situations where the Polish goal was empty. .

White and red started the second half of the lead. At first they drove 13:12 and then 14:13. The Spanish players needed a moment to shake off the match and were constantly developing their winnings. In some comments, they were already ahead by 19:15 and it became clear that it would be difficult for the Poles to return to the match. Possible failure to eliminate our players from the tournament.

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Fortunately for Poland, at 20:16 the players from the Iberian Peninsula were playing poorly and Arne Senstad managed to get close at 19:20. The next two goals were scored by the Poles and were ahead of 21:19 3 minutes before the end. The Spanish women made many mistakes, but the Polish women were not able to build a greater advantage. The fatigue of our players is becoming more and more noticeable. Around Results Matches were decided by the last measure of the Spanish players. 20 seconds before the end, our opponents lost the ball and Game It ended with a score of 22:21 for Poland.

The best player of the match was Monika Kobelinska, who scored 5 goals.

Next game polishing On Wednesday 9 November at 18:00 the handball players will play against Montenegro. Grimm won Wednesday in two games so far, 30:23 against Spain and 29:25 against Germany. For Arne Senstad players, it will be a key match in context fighting To upgrade to the main stage of the tournament. Polish women with two points are second in the group table. Behind their backs are the Germans, who have the same number of points, and in the last match they will face the Spaniards.

Spain – Poland 21:22 (12:12)

Spain: Castellanos, Aalla – Campos 1 (1/1), Arrojeria, Gutierrez, Echeverria, Gonzalez 1, Spugnini, Lopez 6 (2/2), Gassama 2, Fernandez 1, Rodriguez, Valdivia, Tchaptchet, Arcos 3, Cabral Barbosa 7 (3/4).
Penalties: 6/7.
Penalties: 8 minutes (Arrojeria, Echeverria, Gassama, Valdivia – 2 minutes).

Poland: Płaczek, Zima – Olek 2, Galińska, Łabuda 4, Kobylińska 5, Balsam 2 (2/2), Wiertelak 1, Matuszczyk 2, Rosiak, Nosek 1, Michalak, Kochaniak-Sala 4, Andruszak, Achruk 1, Nocuń.
Penalties: 2/2.
Penalties: 8 minutes (Nosek, Kochaniak-Sala – 4 minutes).

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Judging: Tatiana Prastalo, Vesna Palvan (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

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