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An extraordinary statement by Stahl Rzeszow. “Zaggy…we give your money back”

An extraordinary statement by Stahl Rzeszow.  "Zaggy...we give your money back"

Losing hurts more, because Stal Rzeszów had a clear advantage over Uni ± Tarnów. In addition, the last results of the Federation were in the second division in favor of Stal. The Tarnowians lost all four matches: twice against Kolejarz Opole and Kolejarz Rawicz. Union was also lower in the second league table of Żuławy than Stal Rzeszów.

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Agnieszka Radwañska was looking into the next court, and there was Iga Świętek. “Quadruple Packing”

Stal Rzeszów apologizes in an unusual way. “We get your money back”

However, the Rzeszów people lost out, so they left a very short but blunt statement to the masses. “Sorry, Zaji ****, we are ashamed. We return the money for your departure. Thank you for the great support” – written with a pen on a piece of paper, then posted on the social media site. There are signatures from club authorities and players on it.

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Earlier, fans were only thanked. “We fought, but today only the fans took up the challenge” – he wrote in a separate post on Twitter. Fortunately for the club authorities, it is not far from Rzeszów to Tarnów. Both cities are located about 90 kilometers apart. However, a group of about 300 people went to the match on Sunday.

Siódmiak is pleased with £ om¿a Vive. “Someone will ask where is the money for this?”

Stal Rzeszow Currently in fifth place in Second League kettle. The club has seven points. Unia Tarnów ranked one point behind, one point behind. To promote to the first league kettle You might try the top four teams in the league. Currently, these are: Kolejarz Rawiczand Kolejarz Opole, PS¯ Pozna, and Lokomotiv Daugavpils. The table is closed by Polonia Piła.

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