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An important date for earning seniors. After May 31, ZUS may debit funds and even withhold payments

An important date for earning seniors.  After May 31, ZUS may debit funds and even withhold payments

By the end of May, people adding to benefits or pre-retirement benefits must report income earned between March 1, 2020 and February 28, 2021 — the ZUS states. When receiving pre-retirement benefits, you can work additionally, but you need to remember the restrictions on earning additional money and calculating this income.

If the income is not more than 25 percent. The national average (calculated for 2020, i.e. 5,167.47 PLN), this benefit or retirement allowance must be paid in full. However, if it exceeds 70 percent. From this amount, ZUS will prevent the payment of benefits.

How quickly the recipient informs us about his income and how much is very important and is of great importance in the benefit adjustment. If, as a result of the income adjustment, we find that the income has exceeded the permissible limits and the person has received the benefit in full, then ZUS will determine the amount of benefits unnecessarily obtained and will have to be returned – to inform ZUS spokesman Bowie Chebrosky.

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As ZUS’s Żebrowski adds, people receiving a pre-retirement benefit or allowance file a certificate or declaration (if they paid contributions themselves) of the amount of income for the previous accounting year. On this basis, ZUS will determine whether the benefit has been paid in the correct amount.

ZUS may level out the feature on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on which of these solutions is more beneficial to the customer – confirms a ZUS spokesperson.

A person receiving pre-retirement benefits and operating the foundation company appears to account for Social Security contributions as declared in ZUS.




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