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.. an owl was found in the center of Gdansk! She learned to fly so well that she ran away from the owner

W centrum Gdańska znaleziono... sowę! Nauka latani poszła jej tak dobrze, ze uciekła właścicielowi

Author: Gdańsk City Guard

An unusual sight attracted the attention of the stroller. Barn owl sitting on a railing in the center of Gdansk. The owl had a leash attached to its legs. Concerned about the fate of the animal, the man asked for help from the city guards.

Wednesday 26 October. A quarter of an hour after 7:00 p.m., a man called 986 and said that an owl was sitting near the station on Shmilna Street. The duty officer sent officers from the environmental department there.

The barn owl sat on the railing near the tenement house. She had a leash attached to her legs. The animal looked weak. While hunting, she did not try to escape – says Inspector Barbara Rutkovska.

The guards put the bird in a conveyor and take it to the animal clinic on Kartoska Street. After observation, the owl was taken to the Pomeranian Wildlife Rehabilitation Center “Ustoga” in Pomichen.

Two days later, the owner of the animal came to the headquarters of the environmental department. The man was convinced that the bird was still under the auspices of the uniform. During the conversation, show the guards documents that allow the breeding and possession of a barn owl (this species is subject to strict species protection). As it was explained I found an owl in uniform, a young man who escaped while learning to fly.

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Not being careful when handling an animal The educator was fined. After a few hours, he picked up an owl from the center in Pomichen.

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