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An uncontrolled Chinese rocket will land on Earth in an unknown location this Saturday

The rocket used by China to orbit the main block of the country’s first permanent space station is due to return to Earth next Saturday, the 8th, at an unknown location. The report comes from US Department of Defense spokesman Mike Howard.

The Chinese space agency has not yet said whether the core of the massive Long March 5B rocket is under control or will create unrestricted descent. As the Chinese government has not yet publicly commented on the re-entry, basic details about the rocket and its trajectory are unknown.

The US space command monitors the rocket’s trajectory. The 18th U.S. Space Control Force will provide daily updates on its location through the Space Track website.

Most space debris is burned into the atmosphere. However, the size of the 22-ton rocket has raised concerns that some of its larger pieces could return to the atmosphere and cause damage if they reach populated areas.

Jonathan McDowell, an expert at Harvard University’s Center for Astronomy, told CNN that the situation was “not the end of the day.” “I do not think people should take precautionary measures. The risk of someone being attacked or injured is very low. It is not very low, it can happen, but the risk of attacking you is incredibly small,” he told the station.

McDowell explains that it is almost impossible to pinpoint where the debris might go in this space because of the speed at which the rocket travels. However, he said the sea is a safe bet on where the debris will land, as it occupies most of the earth’s surface.

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“If you want to bet on any landing place on Earth, bet on the Pacific, because the Pacific is the largest part of the earth. It’s so easy,” McDowell said.

Nonprofit Organization Aerospace Corp. He hopes the ruins will cross cities in eastern America and into the Pacific near Ecuador. Its orbit covers part of the planet from New Zealand to Newfoundland (Canada).

The Long March 5B rocket has been orbiting Tianhei’s flagship or celestial harmonies since April 29. China plans 10 more launches to carry additional parts of the space station.

Uncontrolled ruins

The 18-ton Chinese rocket that crashed in May last year was the largest wreck on Earth since the former Soviet space station Saliat 7.

China’s first space station, Tiangang-1, crashed in the Pacific Ocean in 2016. In 2019, the space agency controlled the demolition of its second station, Tiangong-2, into the atmosphere.

In March, the wreckage of the American aeronautical company SpaceX Aviation Falcon 9 rocket crashed into Earth in Washington and on the Oregon coast of the United States. (With international companies).

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