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Analysts: The loans from the “Apartment without Special Contribution” program will be more expensive than other programs

Kto skorzysta z rządowego programu "Mieszkanie bez wkładu własnego", ten będzie spłacał droższy kredyt niż inni. Analitycy bankowi nie pozostawiają wątpliwości - takie kredyty hipoteczne z rządowym wsparciem będą co prawda bardziej dostępne, ale za to kosztowniejsze.

Everyone who benefits from the government’s “Apartment without Down Payment” program will pay off a more expensive loan. Bank analysts leave no doubt – such government-backed mortgages will be easier, but more expensive.

As journalist Krzysztof Berenda, correspondent for RMF FM confirms, such loans would be more expensive because of A loan without a special contribution means a more risky loan. The higher the private contribution, the lower the risk of default. As a result, the interest rate charged by the bank is also lower, so the loans are cheaper.

It is the exact opposite of that with a low contribution. The smaller it is, only the interest rate is higher.

The government wants young families to get equity loans – in fact – it will be easier. But Such loans – as analysts calculate – will be 60-70 thousand zlotys more expensive than loans with a private equity. This means premiums several hundred zlotys higher.

As Krzysztof Berenda notes, However, mortgage benefit for every child born will not be available to everyone. Not everyone will also receive the promised state guarantee of their own contribution.

It turns out that the program under which the state will pay a portion of the mortgage for each child will not apply to everyone, and it will be available to families with children. Just Will be born.

At some point we had to start this program. This starting point is the date of adoption of the law and the date of approval of the entire organizational chart that we talked about on the Saturday when the Polish deal was introducedPrime Minister Matthews Murawiecki said.

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This means that only when the program goes into effect, someone takes a loan, a child will be born for him, then another child, then the state will pay us 20000 of the loan for us from that next child. For another 60,000 – etc. Even a person who has three children at the moment will need other offspring to benefit from this relief.

Other restrictions apply to the “Apartment without Special Contribution” program. It turns out that only people between the ages of 20 and 40 will benefit from it. There will be a limit to the value of the apartment for which the program is eligible. There will also be a “first come, first served” principle. Only 80,000 families will receive such relief every year. Whoever cannot do this, may forget support.

Experts also warn about that The government announced housing allowances may raise apartment prices by as much as several percent. This is especially true of small apartments.

There are two types of elements. First In Polish Lada, it is written that the state will guarantee young families up to 100,000 private PLN contributionsThis makes it easier for young families to obtain real estate loans.

Pooh drug It assumes that for every second, third, and subsequent child, the state will pay small families a portion of the loan. This will also lead to an increase in interest in apartments.

Here the law of supply and demand works – the greater the demand, the larger the group interested in a particular product, the more willing the sellers are to increase their prices – Tomas Reznarsky, analyst warns of JakiKredyt portals.

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Apartments between 30 and 50 meters in size may become more expensiveThat is, those that young families are often looking for. The developers are the ones who will benefit mainly from it.

On Saturday, a conference was held for the program that presented the so-called Polish system, that is, a new socio-economic program of the post-Soviet period, supported by the constituent parties of the united right.

The “Apartment without Special Contribution” is planned as part of the Polish deal, which increases the availability of financing for an individual’s apartment.

According to the assumptions, the program that increases the availability of financing for a private apartment will cover three groups of clients: those who want to have their first apartment in the primary market, those who are looking for it in the secondary and social market, and those who want to build a home.

The state guarantees a maximum of 150,000. Special PLN contribution for those who take out a loan or to provide co-financing in the amount of up to 160K. PLN is for people using social housing or large families (Depending on the size of the family).

In total, about 80,000 people will be able to benefit from the “Apartment without Special Contribution” program. Families every year. The tool is intended for people between the ages of 20 and 40. The amount of funding received depends on the number of children in the family – 30,000. PLN in the case of the second child, 60 thousand. PLN – the third, 30 thousand. PLN – each one later.

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The Polish deal also stipulates that It will be possible to construct single family buildings with a development area of ​​up to 70 square meters without a permit, construction manager and clerks, but only upon notice.. According to the constructors, this means shortening the construction process even for several weeks and saving the investor at least several thousand zlotys.

Polish ranking: PLN 12,000 for the second and subsequent child and tax exemption amount 30,000. PLN [TRANSMISJA]

Polish ranking: PLN 12,000 for the second and subsequent child and tax exemption amount 30,000. PLN [TRANSMISJA]

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