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And he threatened the death of a Belgian virologist. He’s been hiding in the woods for weeks

And he threatened the death of a Belgian virologist.  He's been hiding in the woods for weeks

Jürgen Konings is an experienced commando leader in the Belgian Army. The man defies scientific theories and wants to kill the Belgian virologist. He armed himself with grenades, automatic and anti-tank weapons. His search has been going on for two weeks. Services surrounded the national park in which he would be hiding. On Saturday, dozens of people, along with vaccines and anti-inflammatories, supported him on the streets of Brussels.

The search for Jürgen Konings, who has repeatedly threatened a well-known virologist with death, has been underway for two weeks. Marco van Ranst, adviser to the Belgian authorities on the coronavirus pandemic, is protected by the police and is located in a location unknown to the public.

Conings recently became an extremist and was known for his far-right views. Before escaping, he left a message for his family in which he wrote: “I can no longer live in a society where politicians and virologists have taken everything from us. I will fight and resist.”

The military officer was to be in charge of the armory in the Leopoldsburg barracks, and from there he had to steal several weapons and ammunition. The commando has more than two thousand rounds with him.

On May 18, at night, near Maasmechelen, the investigators found a car, possibly belonging to the wanted commando. It was discovered that the car had turned into a trap. A grenade was attached to the door with wires that would kill anyone holding the handle. Also found in the car were four anti-tank missiles.

The wanted man is hiding in Hoge Kempen National Park. Special police forces with the support of the army have been tracking the fugitive commando for two weeks. Armored cars and helicopters are used in the search. Services also provide assistance and protection to anyone who feels threatened.

On Saturday, 9 illegal demonstrations took place in the streets of Brussels. The largest of them collected anti-coronavirus and anti-vaccine. Jürgen Conings fans and supporters were among the protesters in the Bois de la Cambre park.

On the banners he wrote: “You are a hero!” or “We support you”. Clashes occurred with the police during the demonstration.

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