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and landed. Great Airbus A340 for the first time in Antarctica [ZDJÊCIA]

and landed.  Great Airbus A340 for the first time in Antarctica [ZDJÊCIA]

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Antarctica is the only continent on Earth that does not have a permanent population and is difficult to reach. The vast majority of people and goods there are shipped mostly from the southern shores of South America and Africa.

It’s also possible piece of ground By plane, although this project is certainly more expensive. Air traffic in Antarctica is almost exclusively limited to select transport aircraft or small turboprops.

You can find more about the White Continent at

Travel from South Africa to Antarctica on an Airbus A340

Now, for the first time in history, the A340 from the European consortium Airbus has landed in Antarctica. It is a large long-range aircraft with four engines that can take up to 340 passengers on board and fly a maximum of 15,700 km in the A340-500 version.

The flight was organized by the Portuguese airline Hi Fly, which specializes in chartering aircraft with crew and full flight service. this time piece of ground Commissioned by White Desert, a tour operator that organizes trips to Antarctica.

The plane took off from Cape Town Airport (South Africa) on November 2 in the morning (but was informed About it just now). Captain Carlos Merbury sat at the control center, and the journey to the White Continent took just over 5 hours. After traveling more than 4,300 kilometers, the machine reached its destination and landed on the Wolf’s Fang Runway.

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It is a 3-kilometer runway belonging to the White Desert, arranged on specially prepared blue ice, which, thanks to the grooves in the ice, ensures optimum frictional force. As the pilot himself explains, a 3 km strip of ice is more than enough to slow down the A340’s mighty speed. At least on paper, because no such attempt has been made with this aircraft before.

The problem is the strap’s highly reflective surface, which made it necessary to try the machine in sunglasses. It is also difficult to determine the runway from a suitable distance, especially since the “airport” is not equipped with any systems to facilitate navigation. There is also a lack of reference points in the icy desert, which is why a visual assessment of the height is very difficult and you need to rely only on computer indicators, which at low temperatures have problems with the correct calculation of the height.

After spending just over two hours on the Wolf’s Fang Runway, the plane flew back to Cape Town. He delivered the necessary cargo to Antarctica, including fuel, as well as 23 passengers – White Desert employees, researchers and tourists.

This is not the first civilian aircraft in Antarctica

as he remembers CNNThere is not a single airport on the White Continent. Currently, however, there are 50 runways designated for ice. The plane first landed in Antarctica in 1928 (it was Lockheed Vega 1).

However, even today, flights with popular civilian machines are rarely seen. So far, only a few of them had reached the White Continent. as we read on simple flightIn the past, Antarctic ice has been lowered, among other things, by a Boeing 767 from Titan Airways (6 flights test), Boeing 737 PrivatAir (commissioned by the Norwegian Antarctic Institute) or Airbus A319 chartered by the Australian Antarctic Department’s Australian government agency.

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