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And the listed company CCC will sell one hundred percent. NG2 Suisse shares around 14-15 million francs

And the listed company CCC will sell one hundred percent.  NG2 Suisse shares around 14-15 million francs

CCC has entered into a 100% sale agreement with GmbH and GA Europe Coöperatief. Shares of NG2 Suisse GmbH, the owner of the Swiss company Karl Voegele. CCC expects that from the sale of shares and the settlement of trade settlements between NG2 and CCC Group and other settlements, it will record a cash inflow of about 14-15 million francs.

The final amount will depend, inter alia, on who settles actual balances, store closing costs and the litigation chosen.

By selling the shares, the parties have entered into an agreement allowing CCC to continue providing the Selected Services and delivery of goods for a period of up to two years to Karl Voegele, with a limited maximum balance of trade receivables against CCC at €8.5 million.

The agreements include provisions to earn profits for CCC in the event that investors sell Karl Voegele shares to another entity in the future.

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“The conclusion of the aforementioned agreements constitutes the implementation of the review of strategic options for Karl Vogel. The completed transaction is an element of the restructuring of its presence in Western Europe announced by the group and its strategic focus on operations in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and the development of the e-commerce sector” – wrote the CCC issue.


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