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Andhra reporter fired after misreporting that Russia had fired a missile that landed on the ground

The maneuvers begin in Bulgaria with players from Great Britain and the United States

The Associated Press has fired a reporter who falsely suggested Russia had fired a missile that landed in Poland, killing two people in Przemyśl, the Washington Post reported. “When our standards are broken, we must take the necessary steps to protect the integrity of the message,” he told the AP in a statement to the PAP.

In a statement to PAP, AP spokeswoman Lauren Easton said, “The Associated Press’ rigorous editorial standards and practices are central to AP’s role as an independent news organization. We adhere to these standards to ensure our journalism is accurate, fair and factual, and we reinforce them even when anonymous sources are used.” When our standards are violated, we must take the necessary steps to protect the integrity of the news. We do not make these decisions lightly, and they are not based on isolated incidents.”

James LaPorta, 35, who served in Afghanistan in the U.S. Marine Corps before joining the AP in 2020, worked on military and national security issues with the agency. He was released after a short internal investigation, agency representatives confirmed to “WP” magazine.

Hours after the Nov. 15 blast in the Polish village of Przewodow, the AP published a cable in which an anonymous “senior U.S. intelligence official said Russian missiles had entered NATO territory, killing two people.”

Meanwhile, representatives of Polish authorities later said it was likely a single missile fired by Ukrainian forces that went off course and landed on Polish territory.

“(…) An AP alert sent to thousands of media around the world suggested a new, serious escalation in Russian aggression against Ukraine. Poland is a member of NATO and a Russian attack on it could trigger a military response from the West as a mutual security guarantee for members of the North Atlantic Alliance. Other news organizations Sent this message quickly “- “WP” reminded.

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A day later, the AP corrected the original story. A new version of the text warned that the anonymous source cited was false and that “according to subsequent reports, the missiles were Russian-made, most likely fired by Ukraine in defense against a Russian attack.”

AP officials declined to name LaPorta as the author of the false alarm, the US newspaper reported.

As “WP” writes, internal AP communications accessed by the newspaper show confusion and misunderstanding while preparing an alert with incorrect information. On Nov. 15, LaPorta first asked if the AP should issue an alert based on information obtained from an anonymous source, “or do we need confirmation from another source and/or from Poland?” After a lengthy debate, an editor working with the reporter pleaded for Cable, saying, “A U.S. intelligence official is not wrong about this.” A person familiar with the cable talks, cited by WP, said LaPorta reported that his source had been previously vetted by a senior manager. Meanwhile – as pointed out by “WP” – the manager previously approved other telegrams based on this source, but did not do so in the case of the warning about the explosion in Przewodów.

According to WP, Easton said the AP does not anticipate disciplinary action against the editors involved in the cable publication.

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