October 23, 2021

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"Andre Guetta could have died. One had to look at him to find out"

“Andre Guetta could have died. One had to look at him to find out”

Let’s go back to October 1997, when the eyes of all the boxing fans in Poland were focused Andrzej Gołota wrestle linoxime loisim Heavyweight WBC belt. It was the first Polish attempt to win the title boxerHowever, the Briton very quickly showed who would dominate the ring. The fight lasted 95 seconds, during this time Louis knocked out Gołota twice. The rival’s mother got back into the fight, revealing some behind-the-scenes details, including the fact that Pole was about to die at the time.

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– Since we got into the ring, Mariola and I have seen that something was right. It was enough to look at him to realize that his movements were abnormally slow, and that every raise of his hand, every step caused him great difficulty. And later it turned out that because of his sore knee, the doctor gave him an injection of lidocaine before the match. The drug got into the head with blood. Then, in the locker room, he lost consciousness. Bożena Gołota said in an interview he could have died then Super Express.

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“When we got between the ropes, he was red on the nose and probably on the face. I think to myself, ‘Why is his nose so red?’ I didn’t know if he was embarrassed or if he just hit a few hits on the head before entering the ring – Lennox Lewis spoke a few weeks ago at Przegląd Sportowy. Golota may have reacted to the injury.

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The scenarios for the situation were written by Bożena Gołota, who cultivates some degree of uncertainty about whether her son needed an injection and whether it had an effect on the course of this engagement. – I don’t know if it was an accidental act of the paramedic, or … intentional, to weaken Andrei. But fortunately, God was guarding him. Because God loves the righteous – says Bożena.