October 19, 2021

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Andrzej Duda in the United States.  The plan of the visit, who he will meet, what he will do

Andrzej Duda in the United States. The plan of the visit, who he will meet, what he will do

On Tuesday, September 21, the President and his wife will visit the United States. At 17 p.m. Andrzej Duda He is participating in the 76th session of the UN General Assembly in New York. B threeażej Spychalski announced that the President will deliver a speech focusing on three topics. – The American side was called Andrzej Duda To present Polish experiences, ideas and solutions in the fight against COVID-19 epidemic. The president was asked to present Polish ideas for energy change, a spokesman for the head of state explained.


– The President will reiterate the fact that all participants in international relations have the priority of international law and that adherence to international law alone will lead to the fact that we will have peaceful times, no more wars and harder, no more tensions. Relationships – Błażej Spychalski added.

Andrzej Duda in the United States – Arrival Plan

At 6:30 pm, the President will meet with Mongolian President Ussanagan Sarelzak at 7:00 pm – UN Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Jean-Pierre Lacrois and at 8:30 pm – representatives of the Atlantic Council.

During his visit to the United States, a meeting is scheduled between the President and the President of Moldova, Maya Alley, President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zhelensky and Prime Minister of Georgia Irakly Karibashvili. Andrzej Duda is scheduled to hold talks with Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Andrzej Duda will also speak with Estonian Presidents Kersty Kalzuloid, Latvian Egles Levitz and Lithuanian Geetanas Nousada. – This meeting is directly related to what is happening on our border with Belarus and the danger posed by the Belarusian side – Błażej Spychalski stressed.

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Andrzej Duda will not meet Joe Pitton

The visit is not scheduled to meet with the US president. Jacob Kumoch, head of the Office of International Policy at the Chancellor’s Office, explained that the US side had already made the announcement. Joe Biden The UN did not plan bilateral meetings during the summit. – The President of the United States is always welcome in our country, but we must first think about what happened in relation to North Stream 2 and relations with Central and Eastern Europe – said Jacob Kumoch.

He added that the Russian gas pipeline has created a security deficit in Europe. At the same time, he stressed that this does not mean that the meeting between the US and Polish presidents is not in question until the NS2 problem is resolved.

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