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Andrzej Wrona about the unpleasant situation. “Someone hammered three nails into one tire.”

Andrzej Wrona about the unpleasant situation.  "Someone hammered three nails into one tire."

Andrzej Wrona recently became a father. The daughter of a volleyball player and his wife, actress Zofia Zborovska, appeared in the world. The girl was called Hope. The proud parents who are active on social media are also posting charming pictures of their daughter on the internet. However, there are also other entrances. This time, Andrzej Wrona shared with netizens an annoying situation that happened to him recently.

The rest of the text is below the video:

Andrzej Wrona about the unpleasant situation. “Someone hammered three nails into one tire.”

Well, it turns out that someone hammered nails into the tire of a volleyball player’s car. “Somehow during the week there was no time, and now it is the weekend and you all have more time to listen, I will tell you what happened to me” – began in Instastories.

“Well, someone hammered three nails into one frame. Three. Not one, because I need one. Three nails in one frame, so I heartily greet this person” – he said.

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“To make it more fun, like this tire, because the car is relatively new, it’s not available all over the country and I’m waiting two weeks for a new tire to come from the Czech Republic. Nice too, very nice” – he continued.

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Finally, he turned to the person who had punctured his tires. “I would like to thank that person who, passing by, played darts on my tire,” – he said.


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