July 28, 2021

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Angela Merkel is shocked at the sight of flood damage.  'Almost missing words' |  world News

Angela Merkel is shocked at the sight of flood damage. ‘Almost missing words’ | world News

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The death toll from floods in Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria rose, according to the latest reports (Sunday July 18, 5:00 pm) to 157. This is the largest natural disaster in the country. Germany For nearly 60 years.

Germany. Angela Merkel visits flood-affected areas

On Sunday, the German chancellor, includingat. In Adenau in the Ahrweiler district of the Rhineland-Palatinate. In this area, about 110 people died as a result of the flood, and police Expect to find more bodies as the water falls. Angela Merkel described the situation on the ground as “terrifying”.

It’s shocking. There are no words in German for the devastation here

– She said during a press conference in Adenau. She emphasized that the extent of the losses is unimaginable.

The image shows the effects of floods in Germany. Huge landslide outside the city

The authorities pledge to help

The chancellor also assured residents that the federal authorities were on their side and pledged to help quickly rebuild the devastated towns. It’s too early to estimate losses, but Finance Minister Olaf Schultz promised to do so at Wednesday’s meeting rz ± du It will propose 300 million euros in immediate aid. Companies that have suffered losses as a result of the floods will receive 10,000 euros in rapid support. Of course, more funds will be needed to rebuild, especially infrastructure, and there will be billions of euros in costs.

Politicians blame the extent of the disaster on climate change. As Angela Merkel referred to them. “We must accelerate, we must step up the pace in the fight against climate change,” she said. It is impossible to judge unequivocally – in both So far Not Now – Is This Great Flood The Global Warming Effect? Experts need at least a few weeks to perform the analyzes. Scientists have long found that climate change means more extreme events as well as more precipitation. They also affect the phenomenon of “holding” weather systems in certain regions for a longer period, which may enhance the destructive effect of the elements. We wrote more about it in this text:

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The effects of floods in West GermanyThe enormity of the devastation in Europe. ‘Clear link to climate change’