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Anita Krajlica showed her son. Delight is an understatement. “Wyrs at such a miracle, it’s a shock!”

Anita Krajlica showed her son.  Delight is an understatement.  "Wyrs at such a miracle, it's a shock!"

Anita Kruglica For the past 24 years, she has been the wife of director Message Shack. In 2000, the model gave birth to a son, Alexander – the boy was lucky that he did not grow up in front of social media. That’s why now, when he finds his mother’s photos, it sparks a lot of interest.

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Anita Kruglica showed her 22-year-old son

Alexander, 22, is a very rare guest on the social media of a famous mother. Aneta Kręglicka mainly uses this medium to promote and show her business makeuphis face. Immediate family is a very rare sight on her Instagram. So, when and Mom Supermodels and her son comments inundated.

The most precious thing in life is family, true and sincere friendship and all kinds of love – the model written under the image of mother and son.

I understand this little kid has good genes, but he grew into such a miracle that it was a shock! Have you already fenced the house with barbed wire to protect this miracle of fans? asked a curious observer.

Anita Kręglicka decided to answer sarcastically:

No, fortunately there is no such madness.

Alexander also pleased Agnieszka Mielczarek, one of the leaders TVP Women.

Beautiful male son.

I will emphasize indecent – Kręglicka replied.ęglicka responds to criticism. “Mature women can look skinny”

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Little is known about the model’s son. Kręglicka has been able to protect her son’s privacy to the point that it is futile to research her statements about him in previous years. In one of the interviews, she smuggled information that Alexander … was setting fire to her house. It was time for the final exams for my then-teenage son:

And now Alec is competing in different European universities. When I get somewhere, I wish I could find it difficult. I really want him to fly out of the nest, because it gives me a break. At home, he has everything under his nose and he’s used to it – she said a few years ago on “Dzień dobry TVN”.

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