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Anita Kręglicka mocks “artificial beauty out of the box”, and a netizen points out her lack: “The lady herself is not a walking nature”

Anita Kręglicka mocks "artificial beauty out of the box", and a netizen points out her lack: "The lady herself is not a walking nature"

Anita Kruglica She appeared in the collective imagination in 1989 as Miss World. It soon turns out that the amazing beauty is Not the only ace in the model’s coverAs evidenced by the fact that her career continues to this day.

As the owner of a public relations company Anita He knows very well that self-promotion in social media is paying off, so he sticks to his Instagram profile, which he already follows Approximately 85 thousand people. A celebrity from time to time allows herself to show the behind-the-scenes of her family life, and sometimes she even shares it Thoughts about the reality around us.

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This was also the case on Saturday, when Kręglicka wanted to focus on the “Life of Show” theme, made by several of her colleagues from the industry. The model admitted she couldn’t understand Why do celebrities now look like from one product line. Furthermore, she is amazed at the outstanding people who live beyond their means and “They take pride in their rented houses”Create a false image of themselves on the web.

I’ve already written about the hypocrisy that none of us are completely weird – I started. Often we want to color our reality, put powder on it, sometimes whiten it, smooth it into other people’s eyes and pretend a little. I am also not a saint, because as I said earlier, I am not homogeneous and no human being is alien to me.. Although, of course, I have aesthetics, ethics and principles that I never violate for the sake of applause.

For this… I don’t buy sophisticated powers, primitive TV shows and the “characteristics” they promote, Promote artificial and painted beauty out of the box, sponsored holidays, photos in rental homes and cars, and brands, collections, and products you don’t seem to own, and don’t, let alone copyright. Of course, this is not a crime, but it undermines credibility.

Please forgive me, but you are not walking… – Notice the internet. At this age, the woman does not look like she is in her thirties. Criticizing others for being exaggerated…

It didn’t take long for Anita to respond.

I always write personally what I am entitled to and about fashion for beauty out of the box, which I do not like and which I do not use myself – Kręglicka replied.

Was it really hypocrisy?

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But she looks natural, uses moderation and doesn’t make Barbie herself

She doesn’t look 30, but she is 50. Of course she uses aesthetic medicine, but I still remind myself and not of a completely different person.

Damn why do we have to age so fast…before the age of 18 they treat us like children and after 30 like waste. At the age of 70, we have 12 most wanted…

I don’t know what fans are fantasizing about, but Kreglicka looks her age, not her thirties. And the fact that he takes care of himself and looks good is not hypocrisy or a sin.

Anetka is especially loved by Marek, partner in a certain cinema :))

Recent Comments (72)

We have to admit that Anita was right because she didn’t have surgery on her nose and if she had any treatments she would look very normal and that’s what she says. Majdanów’s picture appears here, and above all, Małgośka Rozenek, who looks like a teenager, so beautifully indicated all that is being redrawn, that is, regeneration by force, changing facial features in everything that can be done, the eyelids of everything in such an exaggerated way that it seems like Bar and Aneta beautifully conveyed it. This can be mentioned more than the type of Szulim, who even draws freckles. Well done Anita, you are beautiful both externally and internally. Always well dressed, great class. Isabella Skorobko, who is also gorgeous, can join this

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She wasn’t pretty and she wasn’t pretty, she won by chance

Nothing is normal…

3 min. Ago

Skeleton. It is enough to look at the hands and hands of the old woman. Once the side of the torso was exposed – the skin was loose. Well done face. it costs. At the same time, she is extremely arrogant

The only thing I remember is that I miss. The rest was like carbon paper…and there was also a chubby who didn’t refuse the PM. But there is no comparison with Banya Anita

Or maybe you start reading books instead of looking in the mirror

Looks old but sexy

I think she wrote a blog post for her husband, look how beautiful I am and I’m not as plump as my friends yet?

Oh, so you also tell strangers in your face that you don’t like the way they look?

Exactly, the consumption of the skin extends to the maximum …

This is not about hypocrisy, but it is not up to her who looks what! An entry like this proves that there is no such thing as a “Kriglitz” culture

About Rosnick says read between the lines.

The face is still beautiful, but the body is terrible.

Kręglicka is right, but she’s also, unfortunately, been using plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine for years.

Help little Hania Bendich raise money for heart surgery! Let’s give the child a chance 🙂

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