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Anna and Robert Lewandowsi celebrate Laura’s second birthday with photos from the delivery: “All the best to Kalinchko” (photo)

Anna and Robert Lewandowsi celebrate Laura's second birthday with photos from the delivery: "All the best to Kalinchko" (photo)

Anna and Robert Lewandowski They worked for many years in a position in the media, which they can be proud of today. News from their family’s life regularly occupies the top rumor sites, and the football player and his famous wife do not hesitate to share their privacy with the whole world.

There is no doubt that May is a special month for Anna Lewandowska And her husband. This is when the daughters of the couple celebrate their birthday, Clara and Laurawhich are regularly featured on the profiles of famous parents on Instagram. The big girl, on Wednesday, celebrated her fifth birthday, and today it is time to celebrate her second.

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Friday morning on the account Anna Lewandowska A unique post has surfaced in which coach greets Laura on her second birthday. I felt like this was the perfect time to share a photo from the delivery room when she was her second daughter and Robert Lewandowski I was just born into the world. Her birthday took on an “international” character because Lewandowska added an English-language description to the archive photo.

Happy second birthday, Thumbelina! You have brought so much joy to everyone around you. We love you above all Anya wrote.

Of course, that’s not the end, because Lewandowscy clearly made sure that 2-year-old Laura spent her big day in the best way possible. Instories Ania has already been found cake picturewhich she and her husband gave to their daughter. Commenting in this position was not necessary, so the coach limited herself to writing the child’s name and adding a heart next to it.

The box of course comes with wishes!

Has Laura already read Parental Wishes on IG?

Jesus, I’m glad I don’t have Instagram and I don’t have to celebrate my son’s birthday on Instagram 🤣

Yes, you will definitely see it and read it

Turn around Clara, mom is taking a picture

Anya will read these wishes in about 10 years 😘

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Already stop that woman. Take it online

Guru for home chicken, because there is no more than one…..

A mother is so busy giving her daughter her wishes online that she forgot to do it live

Ann, do you have a high school diploma or a failed diploma?

Lance bought, bought everything, no achievements.

Show your face as an introduction to your child’s influencer career on inst…

The eldest daughter still had to pin her knee-length hair to cover it completely. You make fun of such pictures. After all, none of us are interested in the image of your daughters. You make comedians of your own.

All the best Thumbelina and two days of applause

crap. They want to show him naked in front of the camera, but the kids?

Wow, she’s so young and she’s reading English from Instagram. Well done 😁

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