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Anna Bardowska reveals how much she spent building her dream home

Anna Bardowska reveals how much she spent building her dream home

Anna and Grzegorz Bardovsky They met thanks to their participation in the program “The farmer is looking for a wife” and today they are one of the few couples who managed to build a lasting relationship away from television cameras. For several years, farmers worked to establish a successful marriage and raise two children together: John and Livia. Every day, the Bardowskis skillfully use publicity gained thanks to their appearances on the hit TVP show and are active on social media, running their own YouTube channel and bragging about how their family feels on Instagram.

thus Bardovsky family You are waiting for serious changes in life. Previous participants “The farmer is looking for a wife” over 2 years ago They started building their dream house in Uniejowice It is located near the property of the Grzegorz family and near their farmland. Anna Bardowska and her husband carefully documented the following progress in construction work, By the way, disclose some details regarding the new socket. Recently, the couple, for example, shared photos of their counting facade on the web About 200 square meters of the building. Unfortunately Some of their fans didn’t like the look of the house…

Construction work on the Bardowski house is in full swing and everything indicates that the family will move in soon. They have already appeared on Ania’s Instagram profile several times Snapshots of the following angles of their dream socket, which are arranged with the help of a professional team. It is known that the couple focused on a simple design with a touch of modernity and huge windows that provide perfect lighting.

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On Sunday, a new video appeared on Bardowski’s YouTube channel in which Anna answers questions that annoy her fans. Many of them, of course, took an interest in building their family home – Including the cost of the whole process. In response to a question, Bardowska revealed that How much have she and her husband invested in their nest so far.

The rest of the article is below the video

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The farmer directly admitted that she did not make accurate calculations regarding the construction of a new house, but she is nevertheless able to estimate the amount of costs incurred so far. As you can imagine, it is not small – according to Bardovska, it reaches about one million zlotys.

Frankly, not all expenses are calculated perfectly. I think we’re about a million, yes plus or minus, we’re close to that amount. Let’s say about a million. We have already paid a lot of things, Which we don’t have financially at home yet, but have already incurred costs to order something I explained.

In the last film, Bardowska also decided to point out the voices of netizens who did not like the dark facade of their house. The farmer emphasized that she did not care about users’ criticism, but was annoyed by the way they expressed their opinion. Let us remind you that netizens have compared Bardowski’s property to others A house from a horror movie or even… a funeral home.

Looking for more details about Bardovsky’s life?

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So they must love their home.

Actually, not so much… If they had given windows, a wood-colored gate, it would have been more elegant… That’s too damned… thus expressionless.

A house like Adam’s. Now, quickly paint a handbrush, white brick or wood gate and gate.

Objectively, this house, also known as the autopsy room, is a nightmare. The ugliest I’ve seen in my life. It evokes the image of a house from a horror movie where kidnappers are held and tortured in the basement.

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You can see that they have money like snowmobiles or cottage tours in Turkey or now in huge expensive houses somewhere in the mountains. But they get paid to get it, and it’s not weird

Recently, in the fairy tales my daughters watched, I heard a song … ‘She’s an evil sorceress, who dances terrible dances. Don’t look into her eyes, or you’ll go into a terrible trance. Somehow it reminded me 😂

It’s not bad, seriously wait until the end before giving your opinion, it can be very interesting but you have to wait for everything

The house is terrible. I’ve never seen it more horrible before

Living in such a house is a brick depression.

Something Ania didn’t sign up for for two days, the criticism probably got to her and she says no haha, always just sign up and nothing else.

I wish it wasn’t necessarily too huge

out of the crushing house

Always on ‘w’ they can change industries, all you have to do is replace the stove and sign something like ‘memento mori’ 👻

He’s right that they should like it, and I personally envy the place around it. I hope you live well

released it?? !!!! Ha ha ha ha

In order to flood this house to them

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