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Anna Czartoriska-Nymchika showed how to live. It’s almost like a jungle

Anna Czartoriska-Nymchika showed how to live.  It's almost like a jungle

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Anna Czartoriska Nemchika He’s currently expecting another one BabyIt was announced at the beginning of November. The star willingly shares a blessed state with fans from everyday life. Recently, she shared photos taken in the apartment with observers and declared her passion for plants.

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Anna Czartoriska-Nymchika showed how to live

In the new photos, Czartoryska waters flowers and smiles from ear to ear. In the entry attached to the photo, we read that the star usually takes care of plants on the weekends. She watches with great excitement how her plants develop.

On the weekends, I water, prune, spray and monitor. That is why the plants feel better to me, if they can be watered once a week. There are moments of euphoria (new leaf) and great disappointments (sudden death), but in general, plant care is an incredibly relaxing and rewarding activity. The most pleasant thing is when the mounds multiply – I always take it as a good sign. This is the first hobby that I share with my grandmother.

Under Czartoryska’s entry, there were plenty of comments from observers who shared their methods for caring for the plants. The star was eager to interact with netizens. One observer suggested to Czartoryska that she start…talking to the plants.

And you talk to plants if they don’t bloom? Sometimes you have to scream, and then say it’s good that it grows – netizen wrote.

Ha ha ha! I have few flowers, I prefer leaves over flowers. But I will try to talk to them – answered Czartoryska.

Earlier trusses on instagram, Anna Czartoriska She showed other parts of her house, which also has a lot of flowers. The rooms are dominated by bright colors and a large amount of natural light.

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Anna Czartoriska Nemchika“This is something that requires a lot of compromise,” Anna Czartoriska-Nymchika told of her fourth pregnancy.

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