September 21, 2021

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Anna Czartoryska-Niemczycka took the children to the country where they grew up.  Added a picture of the youngest son

Anna Czartoryska-Niemczycka took the children to the country where they grew up. Added a picture of the youngest son

Anna Czartoriska Nemchika She took the children, as she described herself, on an emotional journey. She visited the Netherlands with her family. Not everyone knows that the actress spent the first years of her life there. Her father was working in the Polish embassy at the time. I decided to show her children The most beautiful places in the country lilywhich she once visited with her parents. on instagram worm Photos from the trip and one of them captured the youngest son Anthony.

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Anna Czartoryska-Niemczycka on an emotional journey with children. They visited the country where I grew up

The actress wrote on Instagram what she learned as a child while living in the Netherlands. This country means a lot to her.

I really wanted to show the kids what country I lived in when I was their age. It was the 90’s and I fondly remember it. (…) It was the school years that shaped me so much. Until then, we had been talking with our teachers about tolerance, openness to others, and respect for the environment. Here I learned a practical approach to life, not to worry about rain, love of old bikes and Dutch, which is very useful for musicology studies – I wrote in the post.

I grew up in The Hague and this is the city I chose to visit children. She showed her children the most important places for her, where her parents used to take her. They visited, among others, Madurodam, or Holland in miniature, a garden with giant tulips. And the actress admitted that the most beautiful memories returned to her.

But the most fun is finding the house where I live, my school and the garden where we used to go for walks with the dog. Little has changed here since the 1990s. The statue of the fallow deer, which served us as a fortress during our children’s games, is still there – I wrote on Instagram.

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The actress added photos from the garden, in one of which her youngest son Anthony runs among huge tulips. The boy was born in 2019. He has grown a lot and has blonde hair on his head. Anna Czartoryska-Niemczycka has taken the children to her favorite childhood places and hopes that she and her family will return to them when they grow up, to give them fond memories.