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Anna Dimna feels like she’s being chased. “It is the height of mockery of man.”

Anna Dimna feels like she's being chased.  "It is the height of mockery of man."

  • Anna Dimna comments on tabloid rumors about her health صحته
  • The actress admitted that she “felt the pits” and didn’t understand why she was being “targeted” with color pressure.
  • “Life does not help, and what to give to whom? I don’t know. This is the climax of some mockery of a person. Such a composition of different disabilities for a person” – admitted Anna Dimna in “Super Express”
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Anna Demna For years she was one of the most popular Polish actresses. Viewers especially appreciate her honesty, openness and positive attitude to life. Celebrating her 70th birthday this year, the actress is still the focus of media attention.

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For some time now, in the colorful press and on many gossip portals Anna Demna’s poor health has been reported. Founder of “In spite of everything” According to these reports, she will suffer from serious problems in her back and regression in her eyesight. In an interview with the program “Super Express”, Anna Dimna admitted that she was very annoyed by the gossip that was pulled from her finger. She admitted that some diseases may appear but they are exaggerated.

For 70 years, my eyesight has been very good. We all sit in front of the computer for hours now, so our eyes are more tired than usual, But in fact, my eyesight deteriorates when I keep reading revelations about the illnesses, operations, and illnesses I suffer from– The actress is ironing.

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Anna Dimna gets angry over rumors about her ill health. “This is the culmination of some mockery of the man.”

Anna Dimna later did not hide in conversation that the rumors circulated in the media did not help her in her daily work.

someone on me. It does not help to live, and what does it give? I do not know. This is the height of some mockery of a man. This consists of a person’s various disabilities. What is the purpose of that? I have nothing to write about? “ – asks Anna Dimna.

“Furthermore, When someone my age has worse vision than they did at 18, it’s rather a mildly revealing advertisement. Convulsions, accidents, and death are all the more exciting for perverts… I’ve gone through this too.”

Photo: MW Media

Anna Demna

Anna Dimna doesn’t want to worry about rumors

Anna Dimna admitted it He didn’t intend to go into the whole situation anymore and worry about the rumors about himself anymore. The actress prefers to focus on organizing the next edition of the “Magic Song” festival”, whose finals will be held on June 12 in Krakow. It is a vocal competition organized since 2005 for talented disabled people, whom Anna Demna has helped for many years.

There, the sick really recover, the blind see, the paralyzed run, the deaf sing… that’s exciting and real… and joy after all– confirms the actress.

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Winners of the Krakow Festival will receive statues and grants “Enchanted Bird”, thanks to which they will be able to develop their vocal talent.

Photo: MW Media

Anna Demna

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