July 28, 2021

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Anna Dimna was abused by a 20-year-old rabbi.  Her answer will be remembered for a long time

Anna Dimna was abused by a 20-year-old rabbi. Her answer will be remembered for a long time

Anna Demna She is one of the most famous and – apparently – the most famous Polish actresses. Although he is currently focusing primarily on charity and theater work, he still enjoys great sympathy from a wider audience. Unfortunately it also deals with criticism and hate…

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Anna Dimna was abused by a 20-year-old rabbi. He will remember her answer for a long time

Anna Dimna told about the unpleasant event in one of the interviews, about which she wrote “Super Express”. A passerby approached the actress.

Once a young man approached me in the street: Jesus! Is this really your lady? Yesterday I saw Janusic and you looked different. I heard how she changed, how ugly she became.

How old are you man? – I asked. “Twenty,” he answered, and I offered him: Then let us speak at fifty, and we shall see what it will look like. But in these fifty years there will be no trace of me anymore.

When she was a guest on the Kuba Wojewódzki show, she admitted that she no longer cares about external beauty. Her priority is to do good by helping others – for many years the actress ran the “Nevertheless” foundation, which was established to support people with intellectual disabilities.

Of course, old age is unpleasant, because a woman, after all, is the adornment of the world. And now we have a world in which only external beauty is valued, as if it were a true human value. And the outer beauty wears off, and I don’t even know how hard we try, we can’t beat biology. You can do plastic surgeries, suck, shrink, correct, and subject everything so it’s a waste of time for me. You were really beautiful. Now I am fighting for a different beauty.

Dimna also notes how we are used to dealing with aging with a disrespectful attitude.

Sometimes I regret seeing the disdain for old age. This is slowly starting to affect me, albeit slightly different from the nameless women, but more painful.

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Anna Dimna will be 70 years old on July 20.

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