October 21, 2021

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Anna Kzartoriska showed the family photo.  She is a son dressed as a dinosaur

Anna Kzartoriska showed the family photo. She is a son dressed as a dinosaur

Anna Kzartoriska Nemchika With the last photo on Instagram, she proves to be very distant on herself. They put cardboard masks with his son. The actress has stated that this is what her family photo looks like.

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Czartoryska celebrates her eighth wedding anniversary. “We’re still looking in the same direction.”

Anna kzartoriska-nemchika stands with her son in a stylish interior

Anna Krzytska-Nemchica lives the life of a happy mother and wife, far from the media hype. She is not a typical celebrity who advertises everything on Instagram. However, the actress realizes her fans love to know what’s going on with her. Not only does he forget them and actively manage social media, showing snapshots of work, but also moments dedicated to family. This time, she shared a screenshot where she stands with her son. It’s fun because … you can’t see their faces.

Family picture. Where wild creatures live – I fell on the photo.

Czartoryska and Ksawery wore cardboard masks. The seven-year-old is posing as a dinosaur and Anya is a unicorn.

Fans of the actress noticed the distance separating her from herself, but she is also beautifully decorated The interiorWhere the photo was taken. Anya sits on comfortable chairThere are several potted flowers around it. It is also accompanied by a lovable pet that has not escaped the attention of internet users.

What a beautiful flower on the table.

great idea! Anya, where does this beautiful chair come from?

And why does Pisa have no head? Mrs. Anya, where does this beautiful chair come from?

Anna Kzartoriska NemchikaCzartoryska-Niemczycka took her youngest son to the pier. Anthony is already a big boy

Ania has yet to answer netizens’ questions, but we hope that their curiosity will satisfy them soon.

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