September 22, 2021

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Anna Lewandowska pushes the seventh race from Katarzyna Seechubek.  "Oh, you like rage"

Anna Lewandowska pushes the seventh race from Katarzyna Seechubek. “Oh, you like rage”

Anna Lewandowska It motivates many women to lead an active lifestyle. I already practiced with the coach Polina Krupinska And many other stars. Moreover Katarzina Seechubek She praised the selfie with “Lewa”. She admitted it wasn’t easy, but she wouldn’t let go.

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Anna Lewandowska squeezes Katarzyna Seechubek’s sweat

Katarzina Seechubek It polishes the model all the time. The actress posted on Instagram a photo Anne took at the Health Center and his ministry Anna Lewandowska. The trainer is currently in Warsaw and decided to conduct group classes for women. The “M jak miłość” star admitted in the description that the holiday model she worked so carefully on was just the beginning. Her new season has just begun. As you can see, the impulse does not leave her.

After training, the presenter took a photo with Anna Lewandowska. After sweaty wosach And the blush on Cichopek’s face, you could see that she was not hanging out in the room, but two of her one hundred percent. She also did not hide that Liwa made a good impression on her that day, which did not discourage her and had already announced that she would attend the next training session.

The end of summer vacation – the beginning of a new training season. It was a real impression. Thank you Anna! See you at the next training – the actress wrote.

Under this post, netizens showered the selfie of Katarzyna Sichubek with Anna Lewandowska with compliments.

Two beautiful and honest smiles.

Oh, you love to torment yourself.

Lots of feminine energy – we read.

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Would you like to train with Anna Lewandowska?

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