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Anna Lewandowska showed the photo from the birth of Clara! Thus, he celebrates his daughter’s 5th birthday (PHOTO)

Anna Lewandowska showed the photo from the birth of Clara!  Thus, he celebrates his daughter's 5th birthday (PHOTO)

Anna and Robert Lewandowski They adopted the sometimes derided principle, according to which They don’t show their daughters’ faces. Clara and Laura appear on their parents’ Instagram accounts, taking pictures with their backs, wearing sunglasses, or carrying things so that their faces cannot be seen. Sometimes it happens I She will be “forgotten” in some live coverage and showcasing her children, which caused quite a stir among her fans.

The breakthrough came Wednesday morning, on Clara’s fifth birthday. Anna Lewandowska appeared on Instagram … girl birth photo – You can also see a tired but proud coach in the team.

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We will never forget the first time we held you in our arms. I was too young. Happy fifth birthday. We love you! my jersey The coach wrote tenderly.

She also showed a picture of Clara right after giving birth Robert. The soccer player in the photo is holding the girl in his arms and looking tenderly at her little figure. Lewandowski added the same poignant description of his wife.

Later, in Anna Lewandowska’s account, there are still frames from the family celebration of Clara’s fifth birthday: there was a golden balloon with five and a cake in blue colors with Elsa from the movie “Frozen”. They were even on bread Macaroon and meringueso it can be assumed that the cake was made of sugar, white flour and sweet mass – really unhealthy …

Do they think their daughter would read these greetings on Instagram? Is that why he wishes her a birthday there? It’s ironic how pathetic it is to wish your husband’s children on occasions. Perhaps it is better to approach the person next to you and present your wishes in person rather than on social media

From when to giving birth with makeup, jewelry, and painted nails?

They want to be like Ronaldo and Georgia, but unfortunately they are not authentic. Liwa always copies trends because she lacks personality

The carnage, what else would they show, perhaps from the birth process, would be a blow

who cares ??????????

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exactly. Since when is it possible to be born with makeup, jewelry and nails? In addition, she was born very hard with Clara, lost a lot of blood, here she looks very relaxed and maybe even one that she did not give birth to, you will not earn more.. ej Anka, Anka

Until recently, they skimmed Polish opinion about pictures of children. What happened now we deserved.

My dad has a birthday too

As for the fact that it almost came down on the table, it looks pretty good.

Since when did Thumbelina bell???? People. Whoever explains it, hands are falling. Thumbelina is Thumbelina.

What a stupid thing. He sends greetings to his five-year-old daughter on instagram. Let these people disappear because everyone is tired of their arguments.

Clara, I wish you lots of sweet chocolate, presents in the drawer, candies and lollipops, and have a BUZIAR for me

Do not produce yourself, my dear, for your daughter’s birthday first, help your friend Magdalena Stubich because recommending the clinic is easy to support financially, what?

Got a school leaving certificate as a birthday gift???

Show Anna left diploma!

After all, some regular photos of them.

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