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Anna Markovska confirms her relationship with Koba Wozhivodzki, who is 30 years old! “We are together, we love each other. He is sensitive, he loves the world…”

Anna Markovska confirms her relationship with Koba Wozhivodzki, who is 30 years old!  "We are together, we love each other. He is sensitive, he loves the world..."

in the past few years Anna MarkowskaAs if in search of a target, she drifted around the outskirts of Polish artwork until she finally managed to land a more definite position. After setup fails with Paweł Deląg And a restaurateur friends romantic relationship with Zatoka Sztuki, the celebrity finally drew attention to herself Kuba Wojewodzki. She did it so effectively that some time ago they appeared together as a married couple in Warsaw salons.

Finally, there was an opportunity to talk a little about the great love that connected her with the showman. In an interview with Jastrząb Post, pg top model She revealed that the first contact with her was made by Cuba, who wrote on Instagram about “some work”. A face-to-face meeting did not take place until half a year later.

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I felt like I met a friend back after a long time. I had a lot of fun talking with him, and we became friends. I was in a relationship at the time, so Cuba was just my boyfriend. At the time we didn’t see each other much because I was in a relationship and we only contacted each other occasionally. And after a while we were togetherBriefly, I described the story of the birth of a great love.

It was only when I overworked my previous relationship, because it’s hard to transfer feelings to someone else all of a sudden, that we started moving in that direction, which was a big surprise to me, but also a positive one, because Kuba is so much like me emotionally. He’s very sensitive, very good, so I hope he’s okay.

When asked about possible further stages of the relationship, Markowska clearly indicated that she was waiting for Wojewódzki to propose to her.

Well, I’m not going to propose to Cuba, so here’s a question for Cuba. We are together, we love each other, I hope everything will be fine and we will develop.

However, what made her feel so minty to Wojewódzki? She was most impressed by Koba’s caring and honesty.

Definitely an allergy. Such care has a lot of sincerity. Cuba demands a lot from himself, but also from others. It’s just such a catalyst. She loves the world and loves to capture the finest in nature. He finds joy in such simple things.

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Ooooh. The truth is, everyone in the industry knows that you are a popular giver. Actually cover…

After all, Cuba is notorious for promoting young girls with alleged relationships. Anyway, Ania has already dealt with Deląg.


33 minutes ago

Yes Anya, he really loves you

You are his most beautiful cover

latest comments (98)

A warm person can sometimes sit on a nail

Didn’t he announce some time ago that he was going to become a father? …you’ve lost your way 🙆

Is this the girl with the green lips? He will look forward with the county chief.

Shame on the whole village. But how did she choose such a life, who would stop her. Well paid self-direction.

I’ve never seen green lipstick! Remember that back in the ’90s there was the apple lipstick-turned-lipstick?! Now this will sell well. I haven’t seen anything like this since.

I should get a role in Májak miłość, and what will get her? Another example of why older people retain power in the media and keep women their age out of it.


7 minutes ago

Find a rich person for Magdalena Stępie!

Someday there will be Jakimowicz.

She got herself diagnosed with syphilis years ago to advertise a girl for care and now she’s still stuck. I got a regular customer. Who knows what Cuba is doing in the capital.

God but must be blind to it 😅😂

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