October 19, 2021

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Anna Mucha praised the pictures with a lamb's belly.  "Beautiful!"

Anna Mucha praised the pictures with a lamb’s belly. “Beautiful!”

Anna Mucha She is the mother of two children, 10-year-old Stefania and 7-year-old Theodore. Their father is Marcel Seurat, with whom the actress broke up some time ago. The star of “M jak miłość” has been around for over a year In a happy relationship with actor Jacob Wons.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day celebrated in Poland, Anna Mucha decided to share archive photos that Comes with load curves. The photos were taken during a photo session for “Viva!” The actress clearly confirmed this so as not to foretell her upcoming pregnancy. But the most important message in her entry was her great love for her children.

Let me tell you a secret: I love them the most in the world!– Anna Mucha started her entry.

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Anna Mucha showed pictures with a lamb’s belly. “Beautiful mom”

Proud of her children, Anna Mucha thanked her fate because she was lucky to be a mother. Motherhood has drastically changed the life of the 41-year-old actress.

Thank you for being lucky enough to become a mother … Every day I feel so much love #myWszystko– Anna Mucha touched wrote on Instagram.

Interestingly, some may not have carefully read Anna Mucha’s words I started offering the actress … Congratulations. Aharon They didn’t spare the 41-year-old’s warm words On this special day for all mothers.

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“Beautiful Mama”, “You look gorgeous”, “Nice pictures”, “It is a pity that it is archive”, “A beautiful lady!” , “The essence of femininity … beautiful” – The jubilant Anna Mucha fans commented.

By the way mother’s Day Al Thuraya offers their best wishes!

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