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Anna Mucha standing on the bed. This was where her day began. Fans: “Lovely” [FOTO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Anna Mucha standing on the bed.  This was where her day began.  Fans: "Lovely" [FOTO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Perhaps each of us dreams of this Sunday morning! Anna Mucha posted a new photo on Instagram, showing what she started with today. In the frame comment, she addressed the fans.

Anna Mucha showed a frame from the bedroom

Anna Mucha She posted on Instagram where she was almost following 950 thousand peoplethe new They shot straight from the bedroom. The actress stood in bed wearing a jacket. Everything indicates that the 42-year-old star “M jak miłość” loves to start a new day with a cup of hot drinks: coffee or tea. Anna left in the photo description Nice message for fans who follow her online.

May the cup always be half full! good morning! – We read.

She did not have to wait long for feedback from Internet users. She appeared almost immediately under her latest entry compliments:

beautiful and divine



Beauty in perfect shape

Anna, don’t feel sorry for yourself. Always let this glass be full – Network users write.

Anna Mucha – Career

Mucha is one of the most famous Polish actresses. Her role brought immense popularity Majda Budzynska in the series “M jak miłość”whose performance has been going on since 2003. However, the star started her career much earlier. As a little girl, she played the role of Sabinka in “korczak” Andrzej Oujda. After a few years she sang In the Steven Spielberg movie Friday Schindler’s List. Viewers can also associate it with products such as: “Oh, Charles 2”And the “Pitbull. New System” if “Boys do not Cry”.

“m like love”. Will Budzyńskis return to each other?

Fans of “M jak miłość” are still watching with interest The development of events in the marriage of Budzyński. Remember that Andrei cheated on his wife with Julia. Injured and desperate, Magda’s relationship crossed almost immediately, Announcing the imminent divorce. However, there are many indications that in the new episodes of “Emka” Budzyńskis will get close to each other again. And Andrei is supposed to stay with his girlfriend …

Anna Mucha in 2018, Photo: AKPA

“m like love”. A kiss and forgiveness for betrayal? Magda and Andre will approach each other again! [CO SIĘ WYDARZY]

Magda (Anna Mucha) and Andrej (Christian Wiecorek) from “M jak miłość” are getting back together again? Emka viewers likely count on such a development, “but do their assumptions match the script? A summary of the new episodes suggests that…

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