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Anna Przybylska had one husband, and it was not Yaroslav Pinyuk! What do we know about her relationship history?

Anna Przybylska had one husband, and it was not Yaroslav Pinyuk!  What do we know about her relationship history?

great first love Anna Przybylska Jacek – the ex-boyfriend of her manager, Majorzata Rudovska, was four years old. It was Josiah who recognized them…

Anya was only eighteen years old when she left home and lived with Jacek in his studio apartment. She already played Bitch in the movie “The Dark Side of Venus”, worked as a model and dreamed of a career as an actress. But for her beloved, she quit going to Warsaw to study at the theater school.

They got engaged before Ania offered to join the cast of “Złotopolski”. Jacek was not pleased with the fact that his girlfriend plays in the series. In order to appease him, she went to … Pizza Hut in Gdynia for a job interview, but – fortunately – did not get a job as a waitress. Earlier, she refused to offer one of the titles in the film “Chłopaki nie crying”, because Jacek did not like the script. Had it not been for the intervention of Magorzata Rudovska, she would have resigned from the “bream season”.

After filming Bogusław Linda, Ania – instead of Jacek – returns to her mother, and shortly thereafter at a party with friends He met Dominic Zegra.

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Dominic fell in love with Anya at first sight.

Zygra immediately asked Annie to go skiing together, and in response … she invited him home.

After two and a half months, on the initiative of Anna, they got engaged. The actress offered her beloved a wedding because she was afraid that no one would want her.

In Dominic, Anna saw the ideal man for herself. She had no doubt that this was “the one”.

Half a year after their engagement – on June 24, 2000 – 21-year-old Anna Przybylska and Dominic Szygra, who was four years her senior, swore their eternal love while standing before the altar at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Gdynia.

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The newborn couple bought the apartment on credit, but only enjoyed it for three months. In May 2001, less than a year after the wedding, Anna asked for a divorce from Dominic.

Magorzata Rudovska, Anna Przybylska’s business manager, stated in the book “Anya” that the actress and tennis player’s marriage broke up because Dominic wanted it. Lock her in a cage.

When Anya decided to leave her husband, she did not think that she would have to wait more than a year for a divorce. It wasn’t just a matter of dividing the property… Soon after separating from Anna, and even before the official annulment of her marriage, Dominic learned that Przybylska already has a new lover – Soccer player Amika and Ronke Jaroslav Binyuk. Zygra demanded that Ania be divorced and – as Małgorzata Rudowska claims – war broke out.

Anna Przybylska was able to prove to the court that she began to see Bieniuk only a few months after her separation from her husband. In the end I got a no-fault divorce. On the day it happened, she was already pregnant with your neighbor and had Oliuka under her heart…

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Anya found true happiness only with Jaroslaw Pinyuk. They did not decide to marry, but created a wonderful family for their three children. They remained together until the death of the actress, who passed away on October 5, 2014 after a several-month struggle with pancreatic cancer.

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