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Anna Sialek and Edward Mizchak smile at the wall during the camera opening ceremony (PHOTOS)

Anna Sialek and Edward Mizchak smile at the wall during the camera opening ceremony (PHOTOS)

Anna Selak and Edward Mischack They developed their relationship away from prying eyes for a long time. Until recently, the couple constantly avoided appearing together in salons, so it’s no wonder Their wedding details It was also kept secretly from the media. Since the actress and TVN director got married, However, they have slightly changed their approach. More recently, the couple often allows themselves to go out in public, including industrial events. Not only that, the couple made their debut on Instagram.

Since the first reports of the relationship started appearing in the media Anna Selak And Edward Mesczak The pair always gets the attention of both tabloids and photojournalists. However, every joint exit of the couple is meticulously recorded. It wasn’t any different on Friday, when the actress and TVN director went For the opening ceremony of the OFF Camera Festival.

Opening The fifteenth edition of the International Festival of Independent Film At the Kijów Cinema in Krakow. Of course, the event was attended by people associated with the film industry. On the wall you can see, among others, Maria Dubska, Sonia Bohosevich and Sting’s wife, Trudy Styler. Cieślak and Miszczak have not denied their meetings with photojournalists.

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During the meeting with the photojournalists, the couple seemed to be in an exceptionally good mood. Get ready for the next photo shoot, and give the photojournalists radiant smiles. Anna tenderly hugged her husband’s arm.

See how Anna Cieślak and Edward Miszczak stand during the opening ceremony of the Off Camera Festival.

It’s definitely not normal, she must have had emotional problems since childhood

I’ll never understand how they could be together, they just don’t fit together at all

No one will tell me it’s normal. If he doesn’t have money, you won’t be with him

Naturally beautiful. and very very smart

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Because you don’t know what’s going on…

You can see love is boiling 😂

A beautiful and intelligent actress and a choice of life fell on Mr. Edzia

And where is our patriotic teenager ❓❓ Małgorzata Rozenek Majdan

Did you miss the doll? Can’t hold his wife’s hand?

But I feel sorry for you …. So sad, without panic, those who comment here in the style of “he is with him for money”, “does not fit” and such nonsense. You know yourselves like other people’s lives, and you can’t get over each other emotionally. It makes me laugh at how confident she is in her presence in other people’s lives. Could this poison spilled here be equivalent to being misunderstood by others? no love? This is what it looked like when I read these scribbles. People grow up, start dealing with your happiness and not with judging others.

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Would you give him something because he seems unfinished and has nothing to do with what’s going on around him?

If Pyza works on this TV, it will be outdone | :)))))

His arms look swollen, as if Sislak had brought him straight from Cooperzin…

I love Włodzimierz Czarzasty. I’ve always loved guys who have this thing about them. The man is not Ken from Barbie.

My teacher dressed like hers in 2003.

Love is not there for the bank on its part

Happy Zack…

45 minutes ago

Very cute couple! We are also happy with my husband. Let them and we stay as long as possible. People make love! 💘

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