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Anna Skora is looking for an assistant: you will organize an export for the dishwasher, work until the night and “be loyal” … Will you place an order?

Anna Skora is looking for an assistant: you will organize an export for the dishwasher, work until the night and “be loyal” ... Will you place an order?

Between the many visits to the hospital and the mysterious breast modeling procedures Anna Skoura He finds time to be active on social media on a regular basis. Blog Author What is Anna wearing? He regularly engages with his Instagram followers through sponsored posts and travel photos, as well as developing his YouTube channel and running a clothing store.

No wonder it’s stressful skora It struggles to maintain its position as a major influencer on all platforms at the same time. A celebrity who follows her daily activities 400,000 fansAn ad on her blog targets young girls who want to try out the role personal assistant. It turns out that helping create a media image of Skura isn’t a piece of cake…

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In the advertisement we can find a reference to The favorite movie of all naive “fashion lovers” – “The Devil Wears Prada”., in which a famous assistant designer comes out, an omen, leatherTo fulfill every whim of your boss. The image of working in the fashion industry presented in it was not quite optimistic, but Skura decided it I think it’s good to compare myself to Miranda Kerr It encourages (?) to apply for a job. The company Ania, despite claiming to be not guided by the values ​​presented in a famous production, is looking for “Someone who is equally committed, loyal, and puts himself wholly into his work.” look attractive?

The celebrity expects self-discipline and organization, but also a willingness to fulfill all requests, often unrelated to work, from her assistant. Interestingly, Skora gently notes that “in her team there is no problem with the manager or the manager who washes the dishes after him” – what is the norm among intellectuals, with which Skora rises to the rank of Duties performed in harmony with each other

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Each of us has and knows his duties, but in our team there is no problem with the manager or the manager who washes the dishes on his own, carries them, cleans them, and buys them. Nobody says it’s not his job. If you feel that he does not agree with you, Please do not apply! – We read.

These are the requirements before the first stage anyway. After choosing your resume, it’s time to complete the assignment. when? Tu Skura claims that she herself does not know yet. Well, as it happens in the life of a crazy influencer…

Perhaps a helicopter will be organized, perhaps a photo processing, or a short presentation will be prepared. Perhaps it will be an electrician’s makeover or disposal of electrical waste, such as a dishwasher. Or maybe prepare and develop a session scenario for a new group – He reads the ad.

Some of you may not yet feel the desire to work with Ania, so let’s describe what the blogger has to offer in return. “Good fixed salary” (It’s good that he wants to pay to regulate dishwasher export), hiring in a B2B model is “welcome” and – how did we forget that – Work in a great teamAmong “all the great girls”. In general, sometimes you can work even after 23:00, and do not meet with the manager for several months (because she is going to leave for Bali), but the team is young and developed. It is not known how much Anya will pay, because, as in most job advertisements, the salary is not specified.

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Read who Anna Skura is looking for for work. Can you imagine being an assistant to any influencer? By the way, it will be no worse than with Major Bohosiewicz …

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