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Anna Skora reports an instant divorce: holding hands, memories, and bitter soup at wars. “We made a dream come true” (photo)

Anna Skora reports an instant divorce: holding hands, memories, and bitter soup at wars.  “We made a dream come true” (photo)

Almost two years ago Anna Skoura I know that She separated from her husband. But since then, she’s tried to prove that she’s still alive with respect Warmosa brandWho I married in 2015 positive feelings.

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on Monday Anya And he told Marek on Instagram that he’s finally here The day of their divorce hearing. Influencerka, in its own way, published a comprehensive account of the visit to the Krakow court on Instastories.

What seems like the end can be a new beginning. Today, with love, openness and trust, Marek and Marek enter a new phase of our relationship – Declare the “affectionate” traveler under it Selfie in front of the courtroom.

Seven years ago we said “yes” to ourselves, and today, seven years later, we say “yes” to ourselves again. Yes, our marriage is over, and yes, our divorce is official – She went on to post a photo of their wedding day and then thanked her daughter’s father for the years they spent together:

Thank you for the wonderful adventure our marriage was on. I know today that life has planned for us these seven amazing years, and that is exactly how many years we have committed to being together. No more, no less. (…) – She writes on an instagramer, swears she doesn’t regret anything, and if she could go back in time, she wouldn’t change anything.

Later in Instastories, we can already see the recordings from the courtroom. Skoura showed, among other things, a document in which we can officially see that she is the plaintiff and that Marek is the defendant. She admitted that she was not entirely convinced by this label:

I don’t like the energy of this message as if someone is against someone.

First ever divorce between one lawyer – Proudly writes under registration with ex.

Anna also spoke to fans after the hearing ended. It turned out that this was lightning fast.

The hearing started at 11:15 am and we were already on the train by 12:05. It’s strange to write her, but she was very kind and loving. Mareczek and I “hinted” a little – Says. The judge is very nice and beautiful. In turn, the lawyer said that it is rare to be in such a situation, because even when spouses are “agreeed”, often someone cannot resist sticking the pin to the source. We send such couples a lot of love and good energy. It’s a job that has to be done, and it often takes a lot of work, but you can see for yourself that it’s worth it. Especially if all this is accompanied by little creatures who have power in their parents.

Below the video from the march down the court corridor, where we see her surrounded by her ex-husband’s arm, she wrote:

“Come on, let’s go back,” says Marek. “He brought us back when they saw us.” We are starting a new chapter. I think we’ll go for bitter rye soup in wars on this occasion – writes Anya relaxed, then shows how they consume soup, sitting shoulder to shoulder in the food cart.

Mark tried a few words of himself. The guy posted two photos together on the profile, under which he wrote:

We were happy kids with our dreams and we would do anything for those dreams. And we did, step by step we made dreams come true. Also today we fulfilled our dream by filing for divorce, and on November 28 we will legally divorce He informs and addresses those who are planning to divorce:

For those of you who fear divorce, I can assure you it’s not that bad. Make your dreams come true, divorce, and fight for your happiness if you feel your relationships are falling apart – Resumes. Do this while you and your partner respect each other and before you hate each other. Save yourself from nerves and trauma. Apparently, divorce is not a happy ending. But in our case this is a happy ending and we did our best. For Melody and for each other – says Melody’s father.

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A wonderful wedding, a wonderful life, a wonderful fall, a wonderful divorce, a wonderful illusion, and the pathology behind the door.

This ordinary woman is not …

This girl should cut off the internet…

What an embarrassing comedy XD

I think it is possible to separate from a class with mutual respect … but it is very artificial. This relationship is like in Bravo Girl, holding hands, set photos. the mother…

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The life of this woman is sad… her husband does not want her, and the boy thanked her…. She pretends on Instagram that everything is fine … I feel sorry for her 🙁

If they respect each other, love each other, why divorce? I do not understand this. Since they are married and have a child, they must have had a feeling together. Perhaps people expect a state of love to last a lifetime. And love after all is “devotion to choice”.

Pathetic! Everything is fast and wonderful, without thinking about the consequences of actions. The most important thing is to do well and convince everyone how “positive” we are.

Is marriage an adventure? I thought it was a secret. Something interrupted this girl in this thought. The question is the next adventure and the next adventure………?

The fact that Isabella has been fired has already been mentioned, in addition, in the CEidg information that she has suspended her activity

I know it’s social low ground to write like this, but I can’t help myself. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

I don’t know who these people are, but this divorce in a really idyllic mood, of course, immortalized on IG, is already an exaggeration …

But the nativity scene 😂 who are these people?

I also got divorced and there was no lawyer at trial so this is neither an achievement nor an achievement.

Because people should be respected

Divorce is always a failure in life, you don’t get married thinking you might get divorced at some point, so I guess. That there is nothing to be pleased with, besides that there is no need for a lawyer in a divorce, perhaps it is not …

Amazing – some couples don’t call themselves names during a divorce. And what hatred it evokes among the readers of the box … 😉 I think you like washing the dirt very much.

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