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Anna Windzikoska breaks down in an embellished dress and a handbag enough for 4.5 thousand rushes into the parking lot to a Porsche (photos)

Anna Windzikoska breaks down in an embellished dress and a handbag enough for 4.5 thousand rushes into the parking lot to a Porsche (photos)

Anna Windzikowska, who had just returned from a wonderful vacation in Italy, had to go to work on Friday. When is the next vacation?

He looks at the photos and stories he posts on Instagram Anna Wendzikowska, you have the impression that her life endless vacation. Even at the height of the epidemic, the journalist could not deny herself strange trips with her beloved daughters.

Stunning photos from trips systematically appear in the profile of a celebrity, which many influencers would envy. Recently, the 39-year-old went on vacation to Milan, where she specially woke up at dawn Take the perfect picture of yourself in the Vitoro Emanuele gallery.

Once a few days ago Wendzikowska She was resting with her children at Bryce Lake, the celebrity suddenly admitted. A mother of two confesses that single motherhood is hers Not only a big surprise, but also a great challenge.

Meanwhile, Anna has already managed to return to Warsaw, where the “gray” reality of the TVN star again awaits her. On Friday, the paparazzi caught the journalist outside the TVN studio on her way home Standing in a nearby Porsche car park. And this time, the buttons of celebrity fashion were made: a floral dress from Just Paul “Wendzi” was complemented by a purple jacket, pink high-heeled sandals from Jimmy Choo and a wallet from Saint Laurent for 4.5 thousand zlotys.

How do you bet when Anna Windzikowska flies for another vacation?

For me, this lady is a symbol of vanity. You are unnecessarily increasing her popularity :/

Are you back to work? What is the subject of her “function”? Besides, this is the world we have because we only encourage such people!!!


Gwiacdy and the little stars are navigating around town in huge SUVs with huge engines, poisoning the air and then talking about the environment, climate change and bad human activity.

And in your wallet for 4 thousand. Medications for depression .. Depression single mother February 24, 2021 – Anna Wendzikowska Candidly about depression. “Even a child did not feel any benefit from getting out of bed in the morning.”

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Setup and money for photos

Anya, this holiday was weak. You come to work to rest and then spend your vacation intensively.

They make good money on TVN saint laurent and porsche and it’s still holidays

And so her best pictures are those of her walking around the balcony without panties :))) Nothing else to offer, it seems to me.

I don’t like it, but I have to admit it looks beautiful. In addition, it is very elegant. Super design. I would like to wear it myself.


You know what, I like this design so much 🙂 It caught my attention right away

Elaine, why so many shots? In its place, I would have saved money for the future of the children, not the expensive tombstones. I could not stand it, because I do not even have 4000 to pay …

The hairdresser of our country knows how to dye her hair better …

Please break free from aesthetic medicine because it’s just a step from cute to funny

At this price, you can already buy great handbags and unique designs also by fashion houses, but they did not choose something that simply shows the logo. I’ve been watching the shows for a long time and don’t mind spending my money anyway, but have mercy on big snobbish-worthy banners…

Years from kilometer to kilometer, leaving the children with nannies, and instead, the main salary would not support such a lajfstajlu. Influencerka is also Class D, so good money is also not from that. Anya has another source of income for the bank

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