September 22, 2021

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Anna Wizcony underwent a transformation.  Fans divided, singer responds with hate

Anna Wizcony underwent a transformation. Fans divided, singer responds with hate

Anna Wiscony For years, I’ve been associated with short, fair hair and a somewhat rocky look, I’ve now decided to switch it up. The singer, who turned 40 a year ago and is currently preparing for the 25th anniversary of her acting career, surprised her fans during a visit to the “Dzień dobry TVN” program.. The star sang a song from her latest album There, but that wasn’t what stirred up the greatest feelings. Anna Wyszkoni debuted a new romantic hairstyle with bangs. Fans also noticed that her facial features had changed. The internet has caught on ever since Speculations about the singer’s plastic surgery.

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Fans accuse Anna and Azconi of carrying out operations. The star responds sharply

Anna Chakoni on Instagram praised a photo taken in the studio “Dzień dobry TVN”. The post immediately received a lot of comments from fans who abandoned plastic surgery on their favorite.

“Plastic surgery has come in so much. I didn’t really know it wasn’t for my voice. I don’t criticize – I’ll use it myself when I have such a whim, but this I’ve never met someone completely different, that or what I’ve been missing from her at all. Is it wrong? I don’t think she has to do what her case is”;

“Mrs. Anya, what happened that you entered into complexes and began to prove to the whole world that you are so wonderful … Lip augmentation, doodling face, teenage role playing… You’re so natural, it’s been your strength.. Sorry, terrible regret ”;

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“What I did to your face, I can’t believe it, now you don’t look like yourself”;

“At first she didn’t recognize you. I thought it was Agha and Winniak-Starak”;

“A beautiful woman, but already different”;

“I am also in shock. It seemed to me that P. Wyszkoni had a healthy distance from the plastic frenzy. Yes There was Botox before and a light mouth filler, but now it’s a drama. Not only did she lose a lot of weight, piercing the ribs on the neckline, she made it too Her face is a puffy, motionless mask…and that musical output Peas and Soap and Jam. Mrs. Anya no no no no. Please do not listen to a fake clapper ”- wrote netizens.

Anna Wyszkoni decided to respond to fans on Instagram. The star confirmed that the change in her facial features was due to … an orthodontic device:


I read these comments and thought to myself that if I really did something else, I would be beaten. But taking care of a healthy bite and a slim figure is probably nothing wrong.” – Anna Wizcony wrote again on the accusations of a fan.

And how do you like the new picture of Anna Wyszkoni? Regardless of whether the result of plastic surgery or not – we are happy.

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