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Anna Wizkoni went on to sing on “Jaka to melodia”. Was it favorable? (photo)

Anna Wizkoni went on to sing on "Jaka to melodia".  Was it favorable?  (photo)

appearance for a while Anna Wizkoni aroused great interest. The singer is starting to tire of it, because in a recent interview she directly mentioned it Aesthetic medicine is used. In the domestic business, such honesty is still rare, because some celebrities like to talk about “good genes” or “diet that changes facial features,” which I invented years ago. Maja Sabliowska.

been trained She clearly wanted to break free from the myth of swollen lips and slightly swollen cheeks, hence her honesty on the subject. This does not change the fact that changes in her appearance are increasingly annoying followers. There are more and more disappointing comments It’s not “the same Mrs. Anya” anymore.

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I wonder what viewers will say when they see Anna Wizkoni in “Jaka to melodia”. The artist appeared on the program’s set on November 14 to record several performances that will later be added to the struggle of the participants. But the peculiarity of “What is the melody” lies in the fact that The same shows have even been broadcast for yearsSo there is a risk that in a year Anya will look different again …

See what Wyszkoni looks like now. Which celebrity does he remind you of?

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Change your colors to Polish because they shot us with missiles and you go on Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine

Stop the fake news…

6 hours ago

Do not sow panic because everything will rise again (prices)!! Stop baranizmowi..the government will explain what it was..could be a stray Ukrainian missile!

I love Poland

6 hours ago

Poodle Attack NAs write about missiles because there was all 3 news about Ukraine

Off topic, but remember the 1995 movie Species? I think it’s one of the best horror movies out there in SF, and it’s really a hit. Not only that it had an interesting plot and climactic music, but the main character was also distinguished by her stunning beauty. I don’t know of another horror movie with someone so beautiful. She was a 20-year-old girl with the beauty of a model and a height of 177 cm. In addition, in this film she undresses and simulates sex scenes (her goal as an alien is to double her gender), which may not happen in modern horror films. In addition, the movie was her acting debut, which launched her career (she still acts in films). That is why it reminds us of relations with Agnieszka Włodarczyk and the movie “Sara”. Both controversial films are their debuts and with plenty of nudity.

latest comments (81)

😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 …

13 minutes ago

Time cannot be circumvented or overcome

I live in the USA and the number of Ukrainians in the USA in the last 9 months scares me. They, like the Negroes, get everything for free as “refugees,” that is, refugees from the war.

I didn’t know who he was, I didn’t recognize the lady.

I think she accidentally extended her nose…

I asked my sons and his friends (16-18 years old) about Anya’s songs and herself, they are so cool – and they don’t even know who we’re talking about ??? what??? After all, her voice is “The Legend and the Present”!!!

Nice Grandma – All these celebs change and only “her” is reminded to change. It’s better to change your face for someone younger than to drive drunk like some people. Her muse is always afraid of time – when you hear these songs of hers – right before your young eyes!!!

It reminds me of gangsters

The money for refugees has come from the European Union, but certainly not from our budget. Someone with a brain would know where. If the Ukrainians are going to leave our country, then let the Poles leave Germany, the UK and other countries, because we also make good acid in the world and I was ashamed when I lived and worked in the UK sometimes. But what I am writing here is to draw people who do not understand the word economy and market and have scales in their heads.

People, what are you talking about, Matt Poles! I live in Wasylów Wielki, it’s very close to Przewodów and I can hear everything! I wasn’t the only one who heard the explosions! It breaks your heart that you don’t believe your compatriots, you just think they are fake.

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