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Anna Yurkstovic and Krzysimir Dubsky are divorced. love story

Anna Yurkstovic and Krzysimir Dubsky are divorced.  love story

  • In 1985, Krzyzimir Dubsky composed the song “Diamentowy kolczyk” especially for Anna Jurksztowicz
  • At the height of her popularity, Anna Yorkstovic ended her career and devoted herself to the family and her husband’s career
  • Anna Yurkstovic and Krzysimir Dubsky have two children: Radzimir and Maria
  • Anna Yorkstovic confirmed at the end of 2021 that she was divorcing Krzysimir Dubsky
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Anna Jurksztowicz I Krzesimir Dębski It was one of the most musical marriages in the Polish show business. They met on the occasion of the performancesAnd their acquaintance passed through all stages: from camaraderie, romance, relationship, until they resulted in marriage and offspring. Music is the hub that binds the whole family together. Interestingly, Anna Jurksztowicz, actually at the height of her popularity in the 80s, suddenly stopped performing. She decided to stand in her husband’s shadow to take care of his career and his home.

Anna Yurkstovic and Krzysimir Dubsky. heart earring

Anna Jurksztowicz was born on August 5, 1963, a She has been associated with music since she was a child. At the age of 12, she began to perform in singing groups – one of the first groups was Musicus Poloniensis, where she made her debut in 1975. She spoke about this in an interview with “Fakt”.

It is not surprising, then, that she also directed her education to the musical fields.

She graduated from the vocal department of the High School of Music in Szczecin. In the years 1980-1984 she was a vocalist in the Szczecin Music Market group, specializing in gospel music and spirituals, and also sang in the Poulter formation. For many years, she has been successfully singing at jazz competitions, as well as participating in concert performances and jazz concerts.

Only in 1985 did all of Poland really hear about it. Then she sang at the festival in Opole and was delighted with her voice in the song “Diamentoy Kulchik”.

“My initial attempts were also related to music halls and theaters. Festivals have been pushed into the background much further. It was the adventure with the “diamond earring” that started my adventure with this kind of event”— Jurksztowicz said in an interview with Nowiny24.

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Krzesimir Dębski and Anna Jurksztowicz. Music connects hearts

The piece, which immediately became a Polish hit, was composed by Krzesimir Dębski. A talented and respected jazz musician and composer prepared a special song for the young singer who made his debut on the big stage. He was born on October 26, 1953, from a family whose fate was connected with the bloody events in Volhynia. Kreuzmere’s father was a pianist, and he himself showed great musical talent from childhood. He received a very strong musical education and He played in amateur teams already in high school.

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Krzesimir Dębski’s talent meant he was gaining more and more of a reputation in the jazz community. He soon established collaborations with Pozna cabaret Tey, the jazz band Kazimierz Jonkisz, as well as the orchestra – Zbigniew Górny and the Eighth Day Orchestra.. In 1979, he founded his own jazz band, String Connection, with which since 1980 he has performed in 25 European countries.

When he was a musician in the Zbigniew Górny orchestra, he once met a young singer who was charmed by her voice. Anna Yorkstovic spoke about that meeting in an interview with FACT.

“We played parties together. I was a choral singer, and worked in the Zbigniew Górny Orchestra right after graduation. At that time, Pozna was a very strong musical center in Poland. There was an excellent recording studio and many singers were recording their albums in Pozna. I also made my first solo recordings that Krzymer heard. He immediately had the idea that we should record the entire album together“.

Photo: Jaroslav Antoniak / MW Media

Anna Yurkstovic and Krzysimir Dubsky

Anna Yurkstovic and Krzysimir Dubsky. pickup truck on my cousin

As is often the case, working together was the beginning of more than just a passing acquaintance.

“We did 20 shows a month, so we spent a lot of time on the road. First, Krzesimir convinced me that I was his cousin from Volhynia, and then gave evidence of this, so for many years I believed that we were related And when he had success with his band String Connection and became Musician of the Year, I bragged to him and said, “My cousin Krzesimir Dębski became Musician of the Year. Hurray.” He wrote me songs only five years after “Cousins”, then a closer relationship developed between us ”- revealed Anna Yorkstovic in an interview with “Fact”.

In 1985, Krzesimir Dębski wrote the song “Diamentowy kolczyk” by Anna Jurksztowicz, which she sang in the Opole. It was a breakthrough for the singer. And suddenly, great opportunities arose, and her next songs written by her beloved conquered the charts. Anna Yorkstovic with her voice, which we know so well from compositions such as “The Weather”, “Senses Away” or “For Good and Evil”, touched not only the hearts of Poles. Since her debut in Opole, the singer often sang abroad, and also represented Poland at international song competitions.

Anna Yorkstovich also held a special place in children’s hearts. Professionally engaged in Mr. Jacek’s Disco, i.e. the original program of Jacek Cygan. The singer was adored by the youngest, who knew all her songs by heart. Was the intense work of both building a relationship? The singer referred to her in an interview with “Rewii”.

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We both broke up. injured. People who have passed are more careful. When you combine work and family life, this can be a great test of the relationship, because things don’t always go smoothly.”

Anna Yurkstovic and Krzysimir Dubsky. Music is good for everything

When it seemed that Anna Yorkstovich had the world at her feet, the singer decided to stop performing and touring. She did not say goodbye to music, but wanted to focus on her family and her husband’s career. Why did you return to the shadows? I talked about it on Fact.

“Being in the shade was my conscious choice. In the shade it can be nicer than in the sun. But to tell the truth, I deliberately opted out of show business because the kids were young and being with them was my priority. By the way, I took up my husband’s profession and became his manager. I graduated in law and founded my own publishing house. I will regret not doing that. However, motherhood is the most important event in the life of every woman. ”

Krzesimir Dębski developed his career with the support of his wife. He became an increasingly well-known composer for film music or pieces that are used in the musical setting of various productions.

One of his most famous books is “Dumka na Two Hearts” which he wrote for his wife. Why didn’t Anna Yorkstovich sing it? She said in an interview with Nowiny24.

In “With Fire and Sword” I really wanted to sing. Especially since the song was written only for me. Well, the producers of the movie had a different idea about this song. “

In the case of other successful songs – such as “In Desert and Wilderness” – Anna Jurksztowicz played the role of producer. As she admitted, the piece was dedicated to fine soprano singer Beata Kozydrac.

I had absolutely no intention of singing it. It was similar to the song “Stara baśni” (“Ancient Fairy Tale”). So we stayed with Beata, who suggested that she sing it with her daughter. ”

Photo: MW Media

Anna Yurkstovic and Krzysimir Dubsky

Anna Yurkstovic and Krzysimir Dubsky. music clan

Two children grew up in a family that lived music: Radzimir and Maria. The son followed in the footsteps of his parents and achieved many successes.

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Photo: MW Media

Radzimir Dubsky and Anna Yurkstovic

He graduated from the Composition Department of Frederic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw and Film Composition at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA. Is it the pride of the parents?

Instead of the word pride, I prefer to use the term gratitude. I am grateful that my son is doing it so beautifully and I wish all parents such joy for the children’s success.”

Anna Yurkshtovich and Krzysimir Dubsky’s marriage has been out of the media spotlight for years. In any case, the couple was careful not to invite the outside world to their hometown. However, information appeared that their life together was over, and that Krzesimir was about to have an affair with the younger cellist. The couple did not discuss these reports and did not comment on them. Despite this, they are still together. Instead, Krzysimir composed other great songs, and Anna recorded songs for the most famous Polish series, such as “Na dobre i na bad”, “Ranch” or “Mothers, wives and lovers”.

Anna Yorkstovic, who returned to the stage in 2020 with a new album, sings in one of her songs: “You’re just still not enough for me. I don’t have enough sky and air. And I don’t know how it happened that you’re still here.” Although the name Krzesimir does not appear there, it is known that the piece is dedicated to her husband.

Anna Yurkstovic and Krzysimir Dubsky are divorced

In December 2021 Channel “Live” reported that Anna Yurkstovic has filed for divorce by virtue of her conviction. The artist confirmed these reports in an interview with Blegada. A friend of the star said in an interview with the magazine that it would not be difficult to prove the composer’s guilt.

“Because of the finances, it will definitely be dragged. And Anna, although she looks great, is already mentally exhausted. When the children flew out of the nest, she wanted to fight for herself. She released the albums “Ana Nafs” and “Thank you, I don’t dance”, 21 live broadcasts, “old songs with new arrangements and intends to deal with what you love, which is music” – she said.

Photo: Jaroslav Antoniak / MW Media

Anna Yorkstovic launches herself

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