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Announcing Age of Mythology Retold; The iconic RTS will be updated

Announcing Age of Mythology Retold;  The iconic RTS will be updated
October 25 2022, 21:10

Microsoft and World’s Edge today announced Age of Mythology Retold, an updated version of the 2002 strategy.

Image source: World’s Edge

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in last yearDuring a Microsoft presentation, Adam Isgreen, creative director of Redmond’s World’s Edge studio, suggested that age of legends It’s still a live topic. At the time, we had not received any specific plans for the future of the brand. But that has now changed. Celebrating the 25th birthday of the brand age of empires announce Age of Mythology: Retold. A trailer has also been released, which you can watch below.

At the moment, we don’t know many details about production. It is known that only Age of Mythology: Retold is to be an updated version of the 2002 production. It is not known, however, whether it will be remade or remodeled; just this The game will offer updated graphics and mechanicsReferred to as a reference point age of empires in version definitive edition. We’ll have to wait for the details.

It is worth bearing in mind that age of legends Have already received a remaster once. This was in 2014 when Microsoft released it Age of Mythology: Expanded Edition. However, at that time, no changes were made to the gameplay mechanics, and the graphics were not completely updated either. and now We can count on more comprehensive moisturizers than the titleThat would make everything meet current standards.

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In addition, during the birthday celebration announce also ports Age of Empires II: The Definitive Edition And the age of empires 4 For Xboxy Series X/S. The first will come into our hands on January 31, while the second will be at an unspecified later period in 2023.

It is worth remembering that age of legends It is part of the RTS series age of empires. While playing, we find ourselves in an ancient world where myths play a huge role. We control a civilization and lead it towards the best possible future.

  1. Age of Empires – Series Official Website

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