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Another dream station. Lech – Jürnik Ł.3:0 – – KKS Lech Poznan

Another dream station.  Lech - Jürnik Ł.3:0 - - KKS Lech Poznan

6 pm at the Municipal Stadium, ul. Bułgarska 17 in Pozna, the start of the 31st PKO Ekstraklasa football streak match in the 2021/2022 season, between Lech Poznań and Górnik Łęczna. We invite all Kolejorz fans to follow our traditional pre-match report and live from this match, at

voidLive report (before the match)

To see our changes, you need to manually update the site

void 9 matches against Gornik in Poznan, 7 in Ekstraklasa, 0 defeats
void Lech did not score in Skorża’s period more than one goal in a match with Górnik (2 draws 1:1 and 1:0 at home)
void First match against Gornik in Poznan from 19 March 2017 (score 0: 0)
void Coach Brasol as Urban’s assistant in Zabrze this season lost to Lech 3 times (1:3, 1:2 and 0:2 in PP)
void Ekstraklasa leader against 17 teams in the table (less goals in the league – 25 goals)
void 102 Liechtenstein matches with starters since 2003 (league + cup matches): 57-26-19, 202: 92

16:23 – Good morning from the Bulgarian! In the pre-match report and next game of the season, straight from the pitch. The team that wants to be the champion of Poland must win matches like today! 3 points only!

16:25 – It has been cloudy in Poznan since morning and it rains now and then, and now we have drizzle. More autumn weather, only 7 degrees on the thermometers. First pictures in an instant.

16:30 – void


16:32 – As a reminder: the matches of Lech – Gornik – and Bogo – Rako in the 31st round will be played with a promotion thanks to the promotion of Lech and Rako to the final of the Polish Cup. April 20, 2022 is important for platform planning.

16:36 – The first fans are already in the stands. The expected attendance today is thirteen thousand. The average Lech season is over 20,000.

16:40 – void Lech Band below. Ba Lua will be seen as part of ‘Eye of the Game’.

16:42 – The Lechites just went for a walk on the field.

16:47 – Guests have also arrived at the stadium.

16:50 – Also below is the Górnik lineup. Of the former Lechites from the beginning, Gostomski and Goliński. On the bench are Drunyak, Medzersky and Szramovsky.


16:53 – void Interesting facts: Śpiączka plays at the top in Łęczna, a Lech fanatic even goes on some trips. This season, he has already scored 11 goals (equal to Amaral).

17:00 – Game time. Today and tomorrow, Lech plays against opponents with whom he lost 4 points in the fall (1:1 and 0:0). Now there should be 6 points, otherwise no championship will return to Poznan.

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17:05 – void Gornik did not lose last time away from home on February 21 at Wisla Krakow facility (tied 0-0), and for the last time was victorious on foreign soil on December 12, 2021, winning 2-0 at Krakow Stadium.

17:10 – The warm-up is about to begin, the elements are already ready, the grass is again well prepared. Many would like to play on such grass.

17:16 – There are many indications that today, around 20:00, the Lakhians will mathematically secure their participation in the Cups. There is a missing point.

17:19 – void Kownacki and Karlstrom have to pay attention to the cards. The next stage will result in a pause with Stal (Sunday, 12:30).

17:28 – void warm up. Less than 35 minutes into the game.


17:30 – There are very few people in the stadium, you can expect more. There are a lot of traffic jams in front of the stadium.

17:32 – void Skorża vs Górnik Ł.: 3-2-1, 7:4

17:49 – The announcer reads the lists, we’ll start soon.

17:51 – Fans sang Lech’s anthem.

17:57 – Motivation from the speakers, both teams are already on the field! We start.

voidLive Report (match)

To see our changes, you need to manually update the site

void1 – 15 minutes

1 minute. – We play to win! Lech from the start in a localized attack.
4 minutes – goooool!!! 1: 0! Back ball for Lamaral, who lost a defender and quietly put the ball into the net.

void Amaral
void Pereira

6 minutes – the entire guest tactic is in ruins. It is expected to be an open match.
8 minutes – an anomaly point of view, to weigh us in a positional attack. There is an opportunity to reprimand the opponent after a counterattack.
11 min – Mine counter after the loss of Kvekveskiri in the middle of the field. Satka cleared the ball, correcting his mistake.
12 minutes – void Today’s stands:


void16 – 30 minutes

16 min – Kamiński launches Amaral with a vertical pass, who hits the ball poorly in good shape.
18 minutes – Amaral’s well-tuned shot was saved by Gustomsky from a distance. Ba Lua did not arrive on time.
20 minutes. This time, Ba Lua lost the ball on the table in the left flank.
23 min – Ba Loa again. First, he quickly passed into the penalty area, and then shot very weakly.
25 min – A hit after the rebound could have taken the goalkeeper by surprise. Lich’s advantage is increasing again.
27 minutes – GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!! 2: 0!!!! Karlstrom scores the first goal, taking advantage of the confusion after the corner kick!

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void Karlstrom
void Isaac

30 minutes. – Kvekveskiri’s grenade passed from a little distance into the left post of Gostomski’s goal.

void31-45 minutes

31 minutes – another chance. It smells like carnage here.
32 minutes – void Ba Lua card. His performance is so far a misunderstanding.
33 minutes – void After a fatal loss to his opponent in 25 meters, Isaac had a great opportunity, but he delayed the shot and ruined everything.
33 min – Gostomski got the ball in installments after a corner kick.
34 minutes – void First chance for a miner. Flat shot after rebound and long shot saved by van der Hart.
37 min – Amaral’s complex work with Isaac. Flat at the end and hit the ba-lua next to the post.
41 minutes – void Lech’s tally as they lead 1-0 on two fronts this season: 20-2-0.


42 min – After a flat kick, Gustomsky only watched the ball away. He was close to the target again.
44 minutes – GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!! 3: 0! An effective pass from Amaral over his head to Isaac, he broke the stopwatch and with a powerful shot with his left foot, he put the ball into the net.

void Isaac
void Amaral

45 + 1 min. – Light, easy and fun to take a break. 3: 0.

void46-60 minutes

46 minutes – void Skins for Kaminsky and Douglas for Rebusho.
47 min – An interesting game from Ba Loua to Skóraś, but this game did not work out.
49 minutes –
void Spectators: 12.140
51 min – After switching sides, nothing has changed. Lech continues to attack.
51 minutes – void Amaral and Isaac are still on the field. Will they score 12 and 16 goals in the league season?
53 min – Ba Loa received another kick from the corner.
57 min – Another loss for Kvikvskiri in the middle of the field.
57 min – Łęczna’s first shot after the break. Not very accurate.
59 min – The clumsy intervention of Van der Hart, who fired the ball from his hands in an off-putting position, giving the visitors a corner.

void61 – 75 minutes

61 min – Carlstrom’s clever move for Isaac as the defender came in.
61 min – This time Gostomsky wanted to surprise Gostomsky from outside the box, but not very accurately.
63 minutes – void Kownacki on Amaral, Kędzior on Pereira.
68 min – Lots of shots missed after the break. This time the Kownacki blossomed.
68 minutes – void Card for Karlstrom will not play on Sunday.
70 min – Ba Loa spread the movement in the middle of the field well, passed it to Konaki who burned it and did not hit it yet.
73 minutes – void Marchwiński to Isaac.
74 min – Gustomsky defends Marchwiński and Kędziora’s strike. It smells like a 4-0 target.

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void76-90 minutes

76 minutes – void Great work by Ba Lou and Kownacki. At the end of 10 meters he missed her murderous complexion. How did he miss it?!
77 minutes – void I got rid of his frustration over a stupid mistake. a sheet.
82 min – The pace of the game slowed down.
85 min – Kvekveskiri misses a shot across the ground after going from the left into the middle. After the break, there are a lot of these hits and they are all off target.
88 minutes – Playing Ba Lou outside.
88 min – Once again active Ba Loua in action with Kownacki and again none of that. Maybe he got a triple by himself today.
90 min – Marchwiński had a lot of space and of course he missed from distance. Another weak change.
90 + 2 min. – the end. Lech might win 3-0, it’s a pity that despite so many chances, nothing was scored after the break. Poznan will remain in the lead when Raku is unbeaten by Pogo.


voidvoidRound 31 of PKO Ekstraklasa 2021/2022 (match played before), Wednesday, April 20, o’clock. 18:00
voidKKS Lech Poznań – GKS Górnik Łęczna 3: 0 (3: 0)

voidObjectives: 4- Ammar 27 – Carlstrom 44 – Shack

voidhelps: 1: 0 – Pereira 2: 0 – Isaac 3: 0 – Amaral

voidyellow cards: Ba Loa, Karlstrom, Leather

voidViewers: 12140

voidJudge: Krasny (Krakow)

voidTechnical judge: edgic

voidSide judges: Lisovsky, warm

voidVAR Rulers: It was, Listkiewicz

voidwhy: Van der Hart – Pereira (63 kudziora), Satka, Milic, Rebucho (Douglas 46) – Karlstrom, Kvikevskyi – Pa Loa, Amaral (Kunakiri 63), Kaminsky (46 sakura) – Isaac (73 Marsvisky).

voidReserves: Bednarek, Kudziora, Douglas, Thebes, Morawski, Marchwinsky, Krishtas, Filde, Konaki.

voidGurnick Ł.: Gostomski – Szcześniak, Gerson (46 Rymaniak), Leandro – Goliński (46 Krykun), Gol (87th Szramowski), Serrano (46th Wooden), Dziwniel – Wędrychowski (71st Lokilo), Śpiączka, Gąska.

voidReserves: Kostrzewski, Midzierski, Rymaniak, Szramowski, Drewniak, Lokilo, Mak, Krykun, and Banaszak.

voidCaptains: Isaac – Gustomsky

voidSettings: 1-4-2-3-1 – 1-3-4-3

voidcoaches: Skorża – Prasol

voidEye on the game note: Ba Loa

voidgrass condition: very good (smooth grade)

voidweather: + 7 ° C, overcast, light showers

voidplace: City Stadium (ul. Bułgarska 17, Pozna)

Cinematographer: David Shmelevsky

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